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Sunday, September 30, 2001

listening to: the stranglers, strange little girl (yeah, lately i've been downloading all the originals of the songs off strange little girls)

random amusing quote: "i'm perfectly happy with my body. but i wouldn't mind having angelina jolie's boobs and meg ryan's cuteness."

so yeah. i feel a lot better. my throat still kinda hurts and i sound like that scary old guy at the beginning of aladdin, but i feel better.

i need to be studying for my apush test. i'm such a horrible student. (well. not really. since i have a 105% in that class. i'm just a slacker. *nods*)

the war of jenkins' ear is perhaps the coolest named war i can think of.

yeah. my grandparents randomly stopped by this morning. they're going to some.. apple festival in clinton or something. *shrug* they kept asking me questions about school and such and i would raspily cough something at them. it amused me. and my grandma gave me this cool shirt with spiderman on it. i love spiderman.

del is telling me about her plan for world domination. it involves angelina jolie's boobs. hence today's amusing quote.

(megan, honey, i don't get these postcards! and can i be in your rock band?)


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Saturday, September 29, 2001

listening to: ani d, egos like hairdos

a trip down memory lane... i was going through old mail and found this saved chat from when we were amusing ourselves with a fake newbie... i don't know how many of you will remember/get this, but... i don't care. bwahahaa. (btw: i'm the > with no name, because bravenet chats are stupid like that. *nods*)

[Mon Jul 16 22:34:51 CDT 2001] MarkIsSexxy: Julie
< Chelle > ok stop talking so I can copy that link
< Dellllll > holy shit
> heehee
<*megan*> *talks*
< MarkIsSexxy > HI!!
<*megan*> *amuuuuused!
<*megan*> *
< Dellllll > sooooo
< Chelle > *sigh*
<*megan*> *soooo amused*
< Dellllll > hi
< MarkIsSexxy > wow, it's so cool, people are like in here and stuff!
> like, yeah!
> totally, for sure
< Dellllll > totally.
< LittleEva > hey, can you do me a favor?
< Chelle > who?
< MarkIsSexxy > who?
< Dellllll > me?
< LittleEva > all of you
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > yes?
<*megan*> huh?
> does it involve a spatula and a rabbi?
< LittleEva > my friend, Nick is in this contest called "Hometown Hottie" and if he wins he gets his
picture put on the cards in those "dream Date" kinda games
> heehee
<*megan*> if so, i have a rabbi right here...
< LittleEva > and he also gets an AGENT which is cool
< MarkIsSexxy > so like how many times have everyone seen rent and junk?
< Dellllll > I have the spatula
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > heheheh
< LittleEva > but it's an on-line contest
> i've seen lots of junk
< Dellllll > *waves spatula*
< LittleEva > so if you can go to www.jumponthebus.com
< Dellllll > *looksat trash can*
< Dellllll > I have some junk......
> and isn't rent liek that show where the guy who wrot it like died or something?
<*megan*> *jumps on teh bus*
> and like, rodger is like really like hot>
< LittleEva > and then to "Boycrazy.com" and vote for Nick
< Dellllll > I don't have *a* junk, though.....
<*megan*> yeeah, and there are like... drag queens and stuff
<*megan*> lol
<*megan*> del, i love you
> like yeah
< Chelle > and gay people!
> like ew
< LittleEva > that'd be great...he'd get a thrill out of being in a TRULY teeny-bopper game
< melody > oh god, i hate gay people
< MarkIsSexxy > there aren't gay people in rent
> i mean gay people are like so gross
< melody > they should all have to go to an island and die off
<*megan*> eeeew yeah
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > LittleEva>>> are you still talking? ;)
> totally
< Chelle > I mean how can you watch girls kissing!!!!!!!!!
< melody > like, ewwwww
> i mean like, how can the actors stand that
<*megan*> btw little eva... boy crazy cards kick ass
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > heheh gurls kissing is wikked... it's the guys kissing that's damn
< MarkIsSexxy > i mean, they're not really gay, they just like men and women
< melody > i could never watch girls kissing. that is so, like, NASTY!
> i would like be so like grossed out
> like totally
< melody > some of them are gay
<*megan*> i love you melody!
< Dellllll > *amused on MANY different levels*
< melody > :-)
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > two gurls... hehehe
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > wikked
> like wikked!
< LittleEva > ye who loves maggie benjamin? this contest would really mean a lot to him
> rodger is so wikked!
< Chelle > that guy that dresses like a girl.....like who does he think he is kidding?
> like yeah!
<*megan*> say wikked one more time ryan, and i'll take your visor and beat you to death with it!
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > wikked
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > wikked
< melody > i love me some maggie benjamin
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > wikked
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > wikked
> like i know, i mean like, that's gross and stuff, like, yeah
<*megan*> *beats ryan to death with his visor*
< melody > i tried to vote, but that site is blocked my my company's anti porn software
< Dellllll > I like spaghetti.
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > ryan beats megan to death with curtis cregan pictures...
< Chelle > visor boy!!!!!!!
< melody > probably because those nasty gay people are on it
< MarkIsSexxy > porn is kewl
<*megan*> *sob*
> like what kind of company block porn?
<*megan*> foiled by my own curtis pictures
> like unless it's gay porn
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > hey everyone - i have some bad news! :(
< melody > hewlett-packard, apparently
> that's like gross
> *head explodes*
< melody > like, totally
< melody > haha
<*megan*> you dooo?!
> like, what?
<*megan*> *starts crying*
> did rent like close or somethign?
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > heheh - renata u so silly
> i would like kill myself if it did
<*megan*> DUDE, justin's gonna be in the movie
<*megan*> he's sooooo hot
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > nyc is off for november... looking @ the spring... :)
< MarkIsSexxy > no rent didn't close, i saw it like on sat
< Chelle > yeah I think people didnt want to have to sit thru the kissing naymore
<*megan*> oh, i already knew that
> oh, whew
<*megan*> *sighs*
> i was so afraid
< Chelle > yeah I cant make it isn nov
<*megan*> all your news is old ryan *sob*
<*megan*> me either!
> yeah, like i coudln't go anyway
<*megan*> woo!
> my excuse for going to nyc was college visits
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > yah, so I was thinking, we should all aim for a little while from now... but
I'm going to Iowa city in February! :P heheh
< Dellllll > like, no way!
< MarkIsSexxy > rent is cool!
<*megan*> so like, none of us could actually go... hehehe
> but.. collegs are closed over thanksgiving
<*megan*> yeeeah!
< Dellllll > renata, did I leave any junk at your house? I *always* leave stuff everywhere.
> i never said i could go
< MarkIsSexxy > hey melody are you the funny rash person? RASH!
> no way, rent is like gross
> um, 1/2 a cna of pringles
<*megan*> though, i realized the tour stop i thought was in february is in june...
> whihc my brother ate
< Chelle > rent? what is rent?
> you mean it's not?
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > i'm not going for rent megan... ;) heheheh
< Dellllll > it's that musical with dirty gays in it
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > i pay rent.
> then what month IS february in?
<*megan*> lol
< Chelle > megan......IOWA BABY!
<*megan*> octember!
<*megan*> ames!
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > chelle>>> u should hook it up
< MarkIsSexxy > why do you guys keep being mean to gays? my brother is gay
> i thought it was smarch!
<*megan*> ames is going to rock
< Chelle > octember?
< MarkIsSexxy > u suck
> ewww, and you still talk to him?
> that's so gross
<*megan*> octember is my favorite month
<*megan*> eeeew
<*megan*> *shuns markissexxy*
> if anyone gay was in THIS chat room i'd, um, be like mean to them and stuff
< MarkIsSexxy > that's horrible, you guys really suck
< MarkIsSexxy > rent is about LOVE!
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > don't be so MEAN to the new person!!!
<*megan*> it is!
< Dellllll > *giggle*
<*megan*> renata! i love you!
> right! i love everyone!
<*megan*> and you melody! *jumps melody*
> everyone that's not gross, that is
> i love chelle!
< Dellllll > no way, it's about, like, Adam!
< Dellllll > GROUP HUG!
> *glomps chelle*
< MarkIsSexxy > just BCuz some1 is gay doesn'y mean you can't love them
[Mon Jul 16 22:43:01 CDT 2001] melody: goodbye, bennies.
< Chelle > true........adam is the whole message of RENT
<*megan*> yay group hug
> totally
> i mean he is HOTT
< melody > did the gay people leave yet?
<*megan*> and manley!
> not as hot as trey elliot though
> i mean, he is SOOO hot
<*megan*> manley roks my wurld
< Chelle > ok the frog croaking just freaks me out
> yow
<*megan*> hehe
< Chelle > dont even start on my trey! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
[Mon Jul 16 22:43:29 CDT 2001] Rick: I'm a mad kissing machine
> trey elliot is the best marc ever
< Dellllll > LOL
< Rick > :)
< Dellllll > oh my GAWD
<*megan*> *smacks del*
< Rick > lol
< Chelle > *sulks*
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > So, I was thinking, maybe we should start gossiping about Mariesa... ;)
just kidding
<*megan*> *and rick, while i'm at it*
< Dellllll > I'm gonna bust a gut
<*megan*> lol
< Rick > lol
< Dellllll > *giggles behind hand*
<*megan*> i'm trying soooo hard not to laugh
> i hope trey';s not gay
< Dellllll > Hey GEY Rick
< Dellllll > Or GAY
> that would be so like bad
<*megan*> and NOT succeeding
<*megan*> i'm making like little squeaking noises
< Rick > *looks around for a gay rick*
< Rick > can't find any
< Chelle > *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh*
< Rick > hey girl who's father is really annoying at 5 in the morning when he keeps honking the
< Dellllll > *giggles some more*
<*megan*> *pats chelle's head*
> hey, does trey have a thingy on his thing?
> or is that the other guy with the thing
< Chelle > *will kill soooooooooo many more iiiiiiiiiiiii's if you dont stop with trey*
< Dellllll > oh god.....
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > So, what's up with Matt drinking all that damn water?
[Mon Jul 16 22:44:46 CDT 2001] LittleEva: Brian Love's biggest fan!
< Chelle > thing>?
<*megan*> matt's like a totaly camel
< Rick > not another matt the camel thing
<*megan*> *ads random y*
> chelle.. go read MarkIsSexxy's posts
> under general
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > I mean, common - is he on drugs or something???
< Chelle > oh dont even start the camel thing
> all will be like totally explained
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > heheheh
< Rick > *agrees with chelle*
< Chelle > ok
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > and who's gay in the cast? and who's dating who? I mean, common...
<*megan*> like totally
< Rick > chelle; thanks so much for last night
< Dellllll > like, fer sure!
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > i NEED to know this stuff...
< Rick > lol
<*megan*> I'M dating manley
< Rick > maggies gay
< Rick > *ducks*
< Chelle > like curtis has to be soooooooooooo gay
<*megan*> he's my love slave
< Dellllll > they're all gay
> well i'm gonna be mrs. trey elliot
> watch me
> we're already engaged
< Rick > suuurrreeeee
< MarkIsSexxy > no way, trey is mine
> and i;m adam's daughter
<*megan*> lol
< Dellllll > I'm gay too.
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > renata>>> if you're looking for sympathy you're not getting it here
> adam and daphne's love child
< Chelle > grrrrrrrrrrrr at renata.......see if I ever call you for another closing
<*megan*> DUDE, YOU TOO RENATA?!
< Rick > i'm already engaged to megan; that doesn't mean we're going to get married
< Rick > :)
< MarkIsSexxy > omg, r u really? adam is kewl
> whoa! we're sisters!
< MarkIsSexxy > i saw adam in aida, his nipples are like huge
> *hugs megan*
<*megan*> *celebrates*
< Rick > *rethanks chelle cause the typing is so fast*
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > hahahaha
> wait, you're not gay are you megan?
> tjhat would be so like bad
< Dellllll > so are mine! Like, WOW!
<*megan*> *hugs renata* we've been separated for so long!
< Chelle > welcome rick!
<*megan*> *thinks*
< Rick > lol
<*megan*> ah, well...
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > did I mention that I miss my lover?
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > not being maggie
< Rick > shes gay
< Rick > oh
< Rick > oops
< Chelle > ok so I really needed to know that adams nipples are huge..........*tucking that away in
the sordid facts that I have in my mind*
<*megan*> lol
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > being my REAL lover... :) Suzanne - she's home in 12 DAYS! :) ahh...
<*megan*> adam can turn on inanimate objects
> she's not like gay is she ryan?
< Rick > like ryan?
> that would be like so gross
<*megan*> *is SO amused*
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > renata>>> once I'm done with her she will be... ;)
< Rick > LOL
< Chelle > OH !
> eeeeeew, are YOU gay ryan?
< MarkIsSexxy > is adam gay? i love his nipples
< Chelle > lol
< Dellllll > I should be installing AIM, but this is TOO FUNNY
> this is soo like gross
< Rick > go install it wench
< Dellllll > he has nipples on his thingy.......
> rick, ilove your thanks page :)
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > renata>>> i have this certain knack for turning girls into lesbians. It's my
gift. It's my curse,
< Chelle > ok must we talk about adams nipples?
< Rick > *once thought about getting his nipples pierced*
> you spelled "whoosh" wrong
< Rick > you deserved it
< Rick > shutup!
> chelle, adam's nipples are hottt
<*megan*> lol
> are you gay ors omething?
< melody > could you hurry and get done with her, and then send her to texas? yeah, thanks.
you're a peach.
< Rick > i can spell i t how i damn well want to
> i mean jeeze, what's wrong with you?
> :P
< Rick > i'm not gay....*check* nope still not
< melody > how do you check if you're gay?
< Dellllll > Rick, yes you are. :)
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > renata>>> wutever... i don't like you because you thought I was a freak
before you met me! :P :P :P heheh
< melody > i want to make sure i'm not gay. i hate gay people.
< Dellllll > you have a thingy on your thing if you're gay
< melody > LOL
< Dellllll > you check your thing
> omg, i think i might be gay???
> is there a cure?
< MarkIsSexxy > i have 2 go, my daddy is home, see you all on the boards, and remember, no day
but today and gay ppl R cool
< Chelle > am I gay?
but how do y ou KNOW? this is important! i like, totally, can't be like...gay!
> wait, which thingy?
< melody > hahaha
< melody > daddy is home
> the thingy or the other thingy?
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > heheh epoor gurl.
< melody > thank goodness that's over
< Dellllll > oh.....my........ god.
> hehe
<*megan*> *laughing soooo hard*
< Dellllll > I know
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > i was talking to her and she was SO upset... :) hehehe
< melody > i must say, we did so well
< Dellllll > I've been shrieking
> *is giggling*
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > you guys aren't acting very Canadian tonight!!! :) :) :)
< Chelle > I think I have a thingy on my head........
<*megan*> ryan, you ALWAYS befriend the annoying people...
< Rick > *brb* reading reviews
> thank god!
< melody > i've been trying not to laugh at work
<*megan*> lol, stuart says that canadians kill ferrets *sob*
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > megan>>> that's why I like you so much! ;0
< Dellllll > upset?
> *sings servo's canada song*
< Chelle > is it contageous
<*megan*> *sob*
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > tee hee
<*megan*> i hate you ryan! *runs off crying*
< Chelle > awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww megan!
<*megan*> *runs to chelle*
> i can't wait till MIS posts about how mean the rentheads in the chat are
<*megan*> *sob sob sob*
<*megan*> lol!
<*megan*> i mean
< Dellllll > lol
<*megan*> *sob*
> and, since she won't know that hey_jupiter=renata
< Dellllll > that was too fun
< ILuvMaggieBenjamin > so, let's hear about some of the DRAMA last night Chelle
< Chelle > hey did you gusy here there is this girl and her name is rentata! RENT!
> i can be ike "oh, that's terrible! poor thing!"
> hehe
<*megan*> hehehe

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listening to: tick tick boom, 30/90

yeah. i had winamp on random, and it just played 4 tori amos mp3s in a row. this could be a sign that i have too damn many tori mp3s. or maybe winamp doesn't randomize too well. either way, winamp crashed and i frowled at it and put in my ttb cd. yeah.

i just sat here and stared at the flashing "boys suck" gif in megan's blog for like 5 minutes. all this cold medication is making me kinda out of it. i do, however, feel much much better, so i'll deal with being a little out of it. yeah. *whines* i haven't talked to megan in a long time! *puts on mark's mom sweater and glasses* megan where aaare you? megan where aaare you? megan where aaare you? megan please caaall your... ah... renata... *pause* actually, don't call me, i've pretty much lost my voice ^_^ um.... megan please iiiiiiiim your renata....*nods*

trina's ignoring my pitiful ims. bad trina. oh... she forgot to say brb. sure. whatever. *flails*

i feel really dizzy. it's kind of neat. but on the other hand maybe i should go lie down or something. hm.


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Friday, September 28, 2001

listening to: ani d, the waiting song

random, rather disgusting, inquiry of the moment: where is snot? it seems to me that i have disposed of roughly 1/2 my body weight in snot today (well, 2 giant boxes of kleenex worth, at any rate), and i just don't remember there being that much empty space in my body. where the hell is that stuff hiding? melody suggested that i have a really small brain, and all the snot is in my head. melody is mean ^_^ jason thinks that snot has its own dimension ("mucousspace") and it travels back and forth from there to my nose, and when i frowl at it, it makes it duplicate itself. del thinks that i angered the llamas that apparently live in my nose. *sigh* i wish all my snot would go away. well, most of it. a little bit of it could stay, i suppose.



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Thursday, September 27, 2001

listening to: jill sobule, don't fuck with me (live)

random amusing quote: "it's like my brain is a weeble..."

oooh my god i think i'm going to die...

well, maybe not. but... i feel like crap. like ew. i'm so dehydrated... but if i try to drink water i throw it back up... and i have this insane fever, so i feel sooooo cold... and all my muscles hurt... and... myeeeeeeeeeeeeh. *brightens* at least my throat doesn't seem to hurt anymore... and i've been successfully sitting up for half an hour or so...

i'm sooo bored. and i feel terrible. someone please entertain me... or at least come hunt me down and hit me over the head until i pass out so i can get some sleep.. that'd be good too. myeeh.


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Wednesday, September 26, 2001

listening to: tori amos, happiness is a warm gun

random amusing quotes: "these points are so gay!" "yet the line is straight!" "that is one confused graph..."

"i would respect a can of soup more than i respect mr. thompson." "yeah! soup is warm and nourishing, and mr. thompson is... a moron!"

"trina, you live like... 10 feet away from normal! ... say, '10 feet away from normal' would be a good name for a band..."

random happy thing: i just found a live ani mp3 on morpheus from her bloomington concert in november! yay! it's almost done downloading! ... it takes so freaking little to make me happy. i guess that's good though. it means i'm happy a lot.

even though i have a coooold and i feel like crap and my nose hurts from excessively blowing and my throat hurts and i'm tiiiiiired.. i'm happy! because of a live ani mp3! it's a happy day to be alive.

where was i? ani.. feeling like crap... mm, yeaah... that's about it... oh... and i get to put up posters and such for stuart's normal gig! woot! i'll have more info... later... so... um.. you should all come. yup.


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Monday, September 24, 2001

listening to: depeche mode, enjoy the silence

random amusing quote: "renata, do i have ketchup in my eye?"

i am soooo freaking cold. i'm wearing gloves. do you know how hard it is to type wearing gloves? well, it's pretty damn hard, let me tell ya.

saturday i watched chasing amy with trina. a bunch of people told me it was really good, but eh.. i didn't like it. neither did she. we spent most of the movie amusing ourselves by trying to cover ben affleck's goatee. yeah. we were bored.

i swear i had a point when i logged in to blogger. well, maybe i didn't. *thinks* hmm... a couple posts ago, i mentioned something about eminem's song "'97 bonnie and clyde" as being directed to his son, but since melody is an evil, bitchy, horrible know-it-all who is.. ah... bad... (*shrug* i ran out of idiotic newbie comments to make,) she pointed out that it's actually to his *daughter*, hailey.. which makes certain parts of it make more sense. (^_^ i love you melody!) *thinks* that wasn't my point either... but.. it's a point, and that's a start, right? *shrug* maybe tomorrow i'll have a point. if you're lucky.


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Friday, September 21, 2001

listening to: tori amos, i don't like mondays

random amusing quote: "so except for the penis, it's a woman?"

so ah. today was one of those days where every damn thing seemed funny. like at lunch.. well, we were discussing donatello's david, and it culminated with elizabeth yelling the above amusing quote, and all of us laughing for about 5 minutes straight... yeah. and in apush, elizabeth and i created a federalist named ebenezer mcflail, who is engaged to ms. scott, who was in england during the entire revolutionary war... she only meant to stay for 2 weeks, but she liked the muffins there so much that she stayed. anyway. we were very amused. um, lesse.. after school i rented chasing amy and i was gonna watch it, but then trina was like "come over!" so i did, and we were gonna watch it there, but her vcr was broken.. so we went to visit elizabeth and tj at the culver's drivethrough, and harassed them. tj yelled at trina through the driveup box thing, and i was amused. yeah. and, oh, we have this tradition of "pimp driving" (you put on loud, pimpish music, and roll down the windows, and put your foot up by the mirror...) and i was pimp-passengering to make trina laugh while we were still on the outskirts of town, and i kinda forgot i was doing it when we were still in town.. and i look over, and the guy in the car next to us was laughing hysterically at me... and then trina sped up, but we ended up being next to him at the stop sign, and i look over, and he's still laughing at me, and his daughter is like, pointing and laughing really hard at me.. i'm glad i could bring joy into someone's life ^_^ oh, and to add to the effect.. i was wearing my shiny, red, $12 at wal-mart pants... good times. aaand i'm so tired i could fall asleep right... now...


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Thursday, September 20, 2001

listening to: tori amos, rattlesnakes

random amusing quotes: "hey, we're talking about bowling, get your mind out of the gutter!"

"but i don't want my tape to be terrorized!"

"cake is round, so pi r squared."

i was merrily blogging last night about tori's new cd, strange little girls, and then i accidentally closed the window and decided opening a new one would be way too much effort. anyway. for you non-tori-obssessed folk (what's wrong with you?!) slg is tori's latest cd, and it's entirely covering songs originally sung by men, and she dressed up in costume for each one as the woman in the song, or that she imagines that the song is about. all the costume pictures are sooooo cool. overall, it's not what i was expecting... but you never know what to expect with tori ^_^ her cover of eminem's "'97 bonnie and clyde" really creeps me out... it's about a guy who killed his wife and is telling his little son about it.. i can't imagine anyone actually writing a song like that.. and... ick.. eminem.. *flails* but her version is.. wow. ah, lesse. i like "strange little girl," it's kinda techno-y. "happiness is a warm gun" is really awesome too, it's interspersed with random clips of someone reading an article about the 2nd amendment, and both george bushes giving random speeches about guns. "rattlesnakes" is fab too, there's this cool percussion-y thing that sounds like a... rattlesnake... yeah. overall, it's a good cd... i'm looking forward to her next original cd, though.

rick sent me this really sickening forward. it's this map of the middle east, except afghanistan has been replaced by a lake reading "lake america (formerly afghanistan)". it just... ugh, how can anyone possibly think that something like that is funny? and how could anyone really think that blowing up an entire country is a good solution to the taliban's terrorism? i'm sure some people actually do.. and that scares me. ugh. quote from an im with trina: "bush is giving his address to congress, and he says something like, "terrorists are bad," and everyone starts clapping and cheering. i think they're just happy cuz bush knows what's going on." sadly i think there's too much truth in that... *quietly meeps*

i can't wait for the weekend... i'm gonna sleep and listen to tori all weekend. well actually, i'll probably do homework all weekend. but shh. i'm having happy thoughts right now. ah... *purrs* anyway... i'm off now...


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Tuesday, September 18, 2001

listening to: tick tick boom, sugar

woo-hoo! strange little girls came out today!!!! tori amos' new cd! that i've been waiting foreeeever to get!! and it's soo good! and yet i am listening to tick tick boom. why, you ask? *shrug* because tick tick boom is soooooooooo goood! look at all my exclamation points! here's a rant about it from rml:

My tick, tick... Boom! CD came today... it is so amazing. (For those of you not "in the know", *coughKeithcough* TTB is the musical Jonathan Larson wrote before Rent... and they kinda reworked it and put it off-Broadway. *nod*) Louder Than Words has always been one of my favorite songs... and Raul, Jerry and Amy are sooooo amazing. And the lyrics seem even more poignant in light of the recent terrorist acts... "Why do we follow leaders who never lead?/Why does it take a catastrophe to start a revolution?/If we're so free, tell me why?/Someone tell me why so many people bleed?/Cages or wings?/Which do you prefer?/Ask the birds..." and such. Yeah. And "Sugar" is hilarious, omfg. I love that they put Boho Days on there, it's so funny.. and it's so weird to hear Jonathan (I've heard him before on a random pre-Rent thing.. but still.) Aaanyway, yeah, this CD rules and everyone should go get it now. Now! NOOOOOW!

yeah. some of the lyrics just make me cry. especially when i think about how jonathan larson died sooo young. and then i get pissed off. it's so unfair that horrible stupid cruel people live to be like 80, and someone as brilliant and gifted and amazing as jonathan dies at age 35, and never even gets to see his play go on to be a huge phenomenon. imagine what he could have written by now, with funding and time and... ah! oh well, at least ttb got re-mounted.. i wish i could see it. it sounds so amazing. and "louder than words" is definitely one of my favorite songs ever. i shall have to rant about tori tomorrow, for i am very tired and i need to finish my apush...oh yes, and i'm going to muncie!! yay!! and seeing the opening of the non-equity tour with del!!


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Sunday, September 16, 2001

listening to: oar, hey girl

yeah.. so, yesterday i had to drop reid off at another random party... so while he was at the party, trina and i went wal-marting. we have fun walmarting. and on the way to drop him off, we pimp-drove to "pretty fly for a white guy." reid was amused. i purchased croutons. i enjoy croutons. then we went back to the mall to pick reid up, and mocked the bootleg harry potter plushies. *mock mock* then reid is like "renata, i won you this harry potter doll!" aww. i was touched, actually. even if it is ugly and bootleg and stuff. and don't get me started on bootleg dumbledore. but it really was very sweet of him.

yeah. so then i dropped reid off at home, and then went back into town to usher at the oar concert. which ruuuuled. although i was on my feet for over 5 hours. and was quite tired. and i was putting wristbands on people, and i kept having giant issues with the little plastic clasps and people would look at me like "you moron!" but umm, if you're not going to push up your damn sleeve when someone wants to put a wristband on you, then that's your problem... yeah. there were a bunch of people there that you could get high off just by standing next to them. and i was amused. and then when i came home i was soo tired i just sort of collapsed into bed. and then i got up this morning and started writing my stupid hella long essay for apush. and my mom would come in and tell me to do laundry. and i go "yup, just a minute" and ignore her. *nods* aaand, i finished the essay. yay me. so yeah..i'm gonna... go now.


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Saturday, September 15, 2001

listening to: ani d, here for now

oooh my god. last night... talia and i went to go see jay and silent bob strike back. because.. we both really wanted to see it. but let me back up. after school, my mom decided to do some errands or whatever, and it took a little longer than we expected... so we rush home, and i literally need to leave as soon as we get home to take reid into a party, pick up talia, and then go all the way across town to the movie. it would have been fine, except... mom randomly decides to lecture reid for about 15 minutes on how messy his room is. (she knows full well how late we are.. she just wanted to yell.) so. i'm going 75 pretty much the whole way back into town. i manage to drop reid off on time (early, even!) and pick up talia, and i didn't even get lost! then i had to get over to the palace, the ooonly movie theatre in town that had j&sbsb, which was hella on the other side of town... in 15 minutes... oh, and talia and i are both 16. if you didn't know. oh, and for those of you who aren't so lucky to live in b-n and know these things.. no one EVER goes to the palace unless they have to, because it's scarily out on the edge of nowhere and all far away from everything and stuff. so there are always like, as many ushers as there are people seeing movies. so anyway. i madly rush across town and we get there around 7:15, exactly when the movie started. we got a tickets for the musketeer... and scurry into j&sbsb. except, this usher was following us. but, because i am so insanely cool, we got there in enough time to see the very beginning of j&sbsb, get kicked out of j&sbsb, and still see the very beginning of the musketeer. which was pretty good. not as good as shakesfest's production of the 3 musketeers last year... but still pretty good. and each character would pronounce "d'artagnan" in a new and exciting way. and everyone had a different accent. very rarely was it french. and d'artagnan reminded us of batman. and with some of the accents it rhymed with batman. and... oh, fucken a, i can't remember his name...! richelieu's evil henchperson guy, he was so cool. "everyone loves children. everyone except me." ... "that's the second time tonight i've been called mad. it's starting to bother me." "you're mad!" "that's 3!" yeah, he was great.

oh, and on the way back from the movie... i was yelling at this guy who was stopped at a green light, and talia was like "yeah! renata's rarin to go!" so then we decided that if i was an action figure, i'd be "rarin' to go renata" and i'd be packaged with "ticked off talia," and i'd come with a tiny little spork, and she'd come with a cello, and it would be great and everyone would want to own one! buy two, they're going fast! ... uh, yeah.

oh, reid likes ani now. i'm amused. mwahaha, i brainwashed him. and now he spouts propaganda about independent artists. he just came in and borrowed not a pretty girl. and this morning i went to steal his scissors and he was listening to "find a fire." bwahaha. i love that having networked computers lets him steal all my cool mp3s. mwaaaahahaha.

oh. and i can't go to the tori concert because of stupid importance of being earnest. i shall try not to dwell on the fact. myeh. i'm gonna go take a shower cos i have to drop reid off at another party... how come he gets invited to more parties than i do?


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Thursday, September 13, 2001

listening to: stuart davis, doppelganger body donor

yeah. so... it seems like life is moving on. even though it seems like somehow, it shouldn't... like we should all be frozen... or something. but, we're not. apparently normal ended up in the new york times today, because we raised like $150,000 for red cross yesterday, and some random new york times reporter is currently stuck here in town... so yay us!

yeah, we went to mcdonald's for lunch today, and i got a happy meal... and the toy was this scary "divastarz" girl, who has a really big head and even bigger feet... and i was whining about how it's a stupid toy and you can't do anything with it... so trina was like, "no, you have to pretend like it's real!" so she picks it up, and using a doll voice is like (to elizabeth's muffin) "hi there! how are you?" so then i pick up the muffin.. and the diva girl (named tia, according to her wrapper) and the muffin had this ongoing conversation... and then elizabeth took a bite out of the muffin.. and tia was traumatized. i brought her to apush with me, and set her on my desk and she glared at elizabeth the whole hour. even though she can't change her facial expression at all... she was decidedly glaring.

i'm so glad tomorrow is friday. i have to work saturday. but it's not so much working as being paid to go to the oar (of a revolution) concert (yay ushering! i swear it's the best job ever!) so yay. i'm off.


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Tuesday, September 11, 2001

oh my god.

first, let me say that if you or your family or anyone you know was involved in the attacks today... well, what are you doing reading my blog right now? but really... you're in my thoughts. i'm just... in shock. and i'm so, so scared. i was trying to explain to my brother that this could lead to ww3. i think i freaked him out royally. but... my god. it's so surreal to think that september 11, 2001 is a day that will be in history books. and "where you were when you heard about the wto/pentagon attacks" will be something you always remember. (i was in the lounge, asking why tvs were set up... my god, i played ultimate frisbee while hijacked planes were being crashed into national landmarks... my god.) also.. god, a lot of my friends are over 18. i just cannot fathom that if there is a war, people i know will be out there killing people, and maybe dying.

on a far more petty scale, i am quite bitter that none of the cd stores in b-n carry the tick tick... boom! obcr. bah.


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Monday, September 10, 2001

listening to: cary shields, your eyes, random bootleg... myeh. i hate your eyes. and i hate cary's your eyes more than most your eyes..es... but i was listening to this boot cos racquel is mimi and erin is maureen and it ruuuuules and i'm too lazy to get up and fastforward through bad songs. such as your eyes. myeh.

random amusing quote: "renata, could you BE any slower?" "yeah! i could be... um... slower!"

sooo i'm co-props-head for importance of being earnest (with angela) and i am thrillllled. i get to have a bio... (woo-hoo) yet i have a co-head so i don't have to do all the work! (like props is sooo much work anyway.) and, i discovered that the peoria tour stop for the joanne cast will NOT be during tech week! yay!

hmmm... i have an ad for the joanne cast from the paper. it brings me joy. i'm trying to decide if i should try to jam all my joanne tour stuff (since there probably won't be much) in my benny scrapbook of doom, or if i should get a new one. myeh. oh well. *files under "deal with later"*

today in apush.. we were having this discussion about the salem witch trials... and one of the witch tests... well, they'd make a cake.. and the accused witch would pee in it.. and they'd feed it to a dog... and if the dog became "bewitched," you were a witch.. .and elizabeth was trying to describe. but all EVERYONE heard was "pee in a keg, like a donkey." so me and eliz and reijo were practically hyperventilating, and everyone else was just.. .staring at us... good times.

my nails are shiny and purple, and sometimes when the light hits them, they look gold, but they're NOT! they're purple! ha ha! and it's really coooool! *admires shinyness*

peace out.

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Saturday, September 08, 2001

listening to: ani d, the diner

update on that whole dream thing... trina and i were (very tongue-in-cheek) analyzing those 2 dreams i had... (feel free to skip this entry and go on to the next one... this is mostly just to amuse myself with. but it's pretty funny. well, i think so.)

renata: last night i remembered having 2 dreams
renata: and i never remember dreams
renata: i was excited
trina: haha
renata: but one dream was about soup and the other one was about ani difranco forging her drummer's signature.
renata: so, yeah, i was a little disappointed there,
trina: haha
renata: the soup dream was so dumb
renata: i'm bitter at my subconscious
trina: amanda had a dream where she was running and she ran into a tree
trina: maybe theres a hidden message :-)
renata: like, i walked downstairs, opened a cabinet, and noticed that there were like, 10 more cans of soup in there than there usually are
renata: and then i woke up
renata: then i fell back asleep and had the ani dream
trina: so, what it really means
trina: is that u think your life is too crowded
renata: lol
renata: and someone is being dishonest
renata: what with the forging signatures and such
trina: yup!
trina: oh, the people are crowding u and 'ure forced to lie because of the peer pressure!
renata: *gasp* it's so true!
renata: i've been living a lie!


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listening to: ani d, amazing grace

mmm so. yesterday... *considers* i ranted a lot about how stupid mr. thompson is... but like that's a new thing. in world lit justin and i wrote an egyptian pastoral style love ode to maria from sesame street. i'm quite fond of it. if anybody wants to read it, i'll post it here... but you'll have to email me or IM me, so i can feel special because someone is actually reading my blog. mwahaha.

after school, trina and i went to wal-mart. we go to wal-mart a lot. i went into a long rant in the juice aisle, about how ravenclaw is the best house in harry potter, and how it's soooo neglected in the books, and how i would totally be a ravenclaw. i only mention this because jason's aim icon just randomly changed to a ravenclaw shield and reminded me. *high fives jason* ravenclaw forver! *cough* yeah. then, i went home and was lazy and such.

i distinctly remember having *two* dreams last night, which is unusual since i rarely remember dreams. the first dream was about soup. yes, soup. i went downstairs, opened the cabinet, and noticed that there were a lot more cans of soup than usual. i was mildly weirded out by that. then, i woke up, was like "wtf?" and went to sleep. then i had a dream about going to see an ani concert... and like, after the concert... i asked her to sign something, and she also signed it for all her band members, and i was confused as to why she was forging their signatures... *considers* so. soup and ani. what would freud say? *nudges megan*

today... i slept a lot... was going to go see a movie with trina... but instead we're seeing it tomorrow...today, i wasted time online, made vague attempts at doing my homework, and watched let's bowl. i loooove let's bowl. yeah. megan should be home now. *glares* get online, you skank! *hiss* umm... yeah... i'm off now...


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Thursday, September 06, 2001

listening to: tori amos, china

so, wtf? i have this denim skirt i got... over spring break, with megan... and i randomly wore it today... and seriously, like 10 other people were wearing denim skirts of about the same length. damn them. *hisses*

yeah. and this morning, kat and katie and i were walking across the street to get gas station coffee (gas station coffee rules!) and we were waiting on the median.. and this car drove by, and the girl in it looked just like megan. and she like, looked at us and gave us a really evil look. and i was like "dude! why didn't megan TELL me she was coming to normal? and why is she glaring at us?!" and then i realized... that that wasn't megan. you can see how much i needed that coffee.

oh, duuude, at lunch eliz and i went to blimpies, and now they have black olives! woooooo-hooo! aaand, they have an icee machine! i was like "duuuude! icees! i need to get an icee!" so i got one, and like.. it was extra-liquidy, so i tried to put the lid on, and a bunch of liquidy stuff spilled out, and then the lid kept coming off, so MORE stuff would spill, and... i couldn't find any napkins, so i was flailing around blimpies getting icee juice all over, and this old guy was glaring at me, and these random freshman were staring at me... but then i found the napkin dispenser and wiped everything up... and it was all good.

mmmm i had another random amusing story... but i forget it.

i just got back from an orientation meeting for being an usher at braden... and i'm like, the only non-isu student there. yay me. we had to watch this video about.. ushering, and it was just hilarious. my god. it's like, "yeaaah, i've been ushering since i was like, 10, it's NOT THAT HARD... you don't NEED A FREAKING VIDEO..." yeah. it amuses me, becuase like, how hypocritical will i be if i have to confiscate someone's camera or recording device? i'll be like "yeah, it's policy, i gotta take it away... next time, put electrical tape over the red light... and could i get a copy?" but yeah... seriously, between me pissing off ushers with my rentheadedness, and ushering cranky old people at shakesfest... there's noooot a lot left to teach me about ushering... but, i did get a very cool t-shirt. it says "STAFF" on the back and makes me feel all importantlike. *ponders* thaaat's about all... i have such an exciting life...

of doooooom

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Wednesday, September 05, 2001

listening to: tori amos, here in my head (live)

random amusing quote: "the love you make is equal to the love... you make... well damn, that's not right..."

i just shaved my legs... and cut my knee... and it's bleeding really badly. i didn't think there was even that much blood in my leg. wow. *glares at leg* if i were in charge of... stuff... legs would be naturally hairless. or else it would be socially acceptable not to shave them. *glower* damn you society!

ooh, late start thursday tomorrow! wooot!

megan has very sexy slothes.

yeah, i really hate mr. thompson... he is the biggest moron i've ever met. i have no respect for him. buuut... my nails are a really pretty color of pink, so i guess that makes everything okay. or at least, slightly better.


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Tuesday, September 04, 2001

listening to: stuart, only changing drugs

myeeeeh. i've been noticing that i wake up at 3am every day with grim dependency. wtf is that about? *whine* i'm tired! oh, funny story about being tired... at lunch today, we were playing the element game (wherein you try to make words out of elemental symbols.. we made it up last year during chemistry... it was a really boring class, okay?!) anyway. and then trina accidentally said the alphabet game so we were joking about "how many words can you make, using only the letters in the alphabet?!" um, yeah. and then we somehow started spelling out random words after we said them. so i was like, "god, i'm soo tired! t-r.. dammit!" yeah okay. it was funny then.

i was vastly amused when ms. scott dismissed class today by saying "ah... go away and come back tomorrow!" but then i'm easily amused.

i got an alarming postcard from darthy today. if i weren't so goshdarn lazy i'd scan it in so you could all be amused by it. but, alas.


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Monday, September 03, 2001

listening to: bnl, if i had $100000

can i just say how much i love bill nye?! seriously, the man rocks my world. i was just watching it, and drew barrymore was guest-starting... and it amused me, because they had these thought bubbles over each one's head, and his said "i can't believe i'm meeting drew barrymore!" and her's said "i can't believe i'm meeting bill nye the science guy!" yeah. muy chistoso. and they had this semi-dirty conversation about flowers. which vastly, vastly amused me. *pause* science rules!

my eyes itch. *scratches eyes* i think.. there's glitter in them...

yeah, reid was using my computer, and messed with the colors... and then i messed with them to try to fix them... and i can tell it's off a little from what it used to be, but i'm not sure how to fix it... so now it's slightly paler than it should be... it's semi-traumatizing. i hope my eyes adjust soon. *frets* i'm gonna go... to sleep... or something.


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listening to: s club 7, bring it all back

yay for cheesy british teenyboppers!

yeah. so i took my online apush test, and my mom yelled at me for not cheating, because if i had cheated, i would have gotten a better grade. like wtf? aanyway. (she later said she was proud of my morals... but that's probably only because i kept giving her really weird looks...)

last night megan called me from the stuart concert... and he didn't play jonah *sob* but i got to talk to him for like, 5 seconds (about baywatch) before megan's phone died. and yes megan.. it was YOUR phone! hmph ^_^ buuut anyway.

jason just imed me and asked me if i wanted to go for a malt. jason lives in oregon. jason worries me sometimes. (but in an amusing way. i think.)

i've done like, nothing all weekend but homework. *glower* sooo... i'm... gonna... go... do something other than homework.


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Sunday, September 02, 2001

listening to: ani d, fierce flawless

so okay... i decided to try to finish all my apush reading this weekend... but, i also really wanted to watch a couple taped episodes of mst3k that i haven't watched yet... so... i was merrily doing both, and i had a lot of progress... and all of a sudden my mom comes in and is like "what are you doing?! you can't watch tv while doing your homework!" and... i do my homework while watching tv all the time. and i'm a straight-a student. so i pointed that out. and she randomly started ranting about how... i don't even remember what she was ranting about. *shrug* whatever. so... now i'm upstairs blogging and doing homework. like that's soooo much better than watching tv... right... yeah, don't mind me... just bitter. *rant*

okay. calm. calm. um. *thinks* i'm wearing my you can't take it with you shirt. good memories. actually... about all i remember from that show is zeke hitting me in the head with his accordian. hmmm... possible correlation? nah...

scott hunt is so cute. i want one.

"my destiny sucks! it's a swamp!"


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Saturday, September 01, 2001

listening to: ani d, the waiting song

the alphabet, according to me: (from an rml post)

A. Matt has a "badass black guitar." *nod*

B. Only bad Rent fans write fanfic *nod*

C. ... Iron Butterfly? Magnetic! "In The Gadda Da Vida", by Iron Butterfly? Magnetic! David Hasselhoff? Not!

D. My tongue hurts. I think I burned it.

E. That reminds me, I got all my Matt and Joshua pics back, and they're up at Time Fies... I don't remember if I posted about it yet or not. http://www.geocities.com/toastlike

F. because you're flaky and fun!

G. "You're Garfield the freaking cat, okay?!"

H. We're doing The Importance of Being Earnest for our fall play this year! Yay!

I. painted my toenails purple today.

J. I wish butterflies were made out of Jello.

K. Blogger is far superior to Livejournal. *scoff*

L. Eh, then, eh?

M. I have to take a test this weekend. *whine*

N. Kraft gets your noodle going.

O. Do you fear like I fear how fierce it would be? Oh my my, oh my my, oh my my...

P. I throroughly enjoy the Phred on Your Head show. Good stuff.

Q. Quiche! Quiche! Quiche!

R. Roll with it baby, make it your career, keep the home fires burning till America is in the clear.

S. So fuck you, and your untouchable face.

T. The butter melts out of habit, you know the toast isn't even warm.

U. Up up up up up up points the spire of the steeple, but God's work isn't done by God, it's done by people.

V. Virtue is relative at best, there's nothing worst than a sunset when you're driving due west.

X. I'm at a loss here... damn...

Y. You were revelling, but then why shouldn't you? It was such a beautiful thing to do.

Z. Um... *cough*ka*cough*Zoo into it...

Yeah... it randomly disintegrated into Ani quoting. But, whatcha gonna do?

... woooow. caps. *in awe*


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