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Friday, August 31, 2001

listening to: nothing

yeah, i'm in class... but, we're not doing anything. i love thetard. woot. oh, and, i discovered that kait is the mysterious optonline person. oh, the treachery. yeah. i'm so freaking tired. right now i'm "writing a story about my role model." yeah. it's the stupidest thing i've ever written. and let me tell you, i've written a lot of stupid things. oy.

every day i have to struggle to refrain from raising my hand in pre-calc and saying "excuse me, but you're a jerk and all your students hate you, and you never even know what the hell your talking about. may i be excused forever?" i fear that this bodes poorly for the rest of the year. maybe he'll lose his car keys and become a nomad, wandering from town to town, and never return. or something. yeah. i'm going to go finish my stupid paper. of doom. doom!


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Wednesday, August 29, 2001

listening to: rachael sage, obsessive love song

just a random quick post... i was looking at the counter stats for my blog, and like, 1/5th connect through "optonline.net," which apparently is an isp that only services new york, new jersey, and connecticut... and like, the only person i think i know from thereabouts is kait, and she has aol... so... um... yeah. please email me if this is you... just because i'm curious ^_^ actually, if you're reading this and you aren't megan... just email me so i can have some affirmation that other people read this ^_^ thanks!


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listening to: joshua kobak, rise up (live)

random amusing quote: "matt's so creative. i could never think of something so clever to do with my pants."

okay, random hilarious thing today in pe... all the good exercise equipment was taken, so me and amber and twiggy did this workout video... it was like, "dancin your way to fitness with the hits of the 50's!" and it was made in the 80's... so it was like, 80's people trying to be like 50's people... and... omg, it was hilarious. the head aerobics girl was wearing really tight, bright blue spandex pants. so automatically i'm like, "my god! mimi pants!" and then... the aerobics excercises were sooo dumb. like half of them were just random arm flailings. and then there were a bunch of pelvic thrusts. (yes, that's what they called them...) and then, to be extra advanced, you'd pelvic thrust while flailing... and then you'd suddenly stop all that and tap your toe. and then you'd start all over again. it was like, the mimi workout video. i was amused.

yeah. yesterday in apush, it was really funny, ms. scott asked what the french's motivation for colonizing was, and joe was like, "hats!" and we were all amused. i use the word "amused" way, way too much. *ponders this*

yeah. and in world lit we're reading various bible stories as literature... and the bible makes no damn sense. like, noah's ark... have you ever actually read that story? or just heard it retold? because in the actual thing... like, there's the whole ark thing, and they're all happy. and then noah gets drunk and his son finds him naked and passed out somewhere, so he puts clothes on him. and then noah gets really mad at that son and makes him a servant to one of the other sons. and then noah dies. like wtf? and don't even get me started on adam and eve. no offense to any christians reading this... but really, the bible does have its damn confusing moments, admit it!

the opposite of "biscuit" is "non-biscuit."


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Monday, August 27, 2001

listening to: ani d, my name is lisa kavelage

maaan, i am so freaking tired. in pe... we had to run the mile... and the entire class except like, 2 people were walking it. but then jacobs yelled at us so we had to vaguely jog. but mostly i'm tired because i woke up like 3 times last night. growl. yeah. and... what the hell interesting happened today? i made blues clues macaroni and cheese... and random noodles were blue... and i was vastly amused by this. yeah. i'm half-assedly doing my apush. but it's not due for a week and my heart isn't in it. even though i know i should do it all now since i don't have any other homework tonight.. i just... really don't feel like it. at all. yeah. god, i need a nap. but megan's on for the first time in like, a week or something... so... yeah. *sob* i missed my megan!


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Sunday, August 26, 2001

listening to: swim, drought

soooo i drove up to chicago, and then in chicago, there was lots of traffic and i got horribly confused so i made my mom drive. and a cop yelled at me. stupid cop. aaanyway, it took us like an hour to park at the stupid field museum, but we finally did, and we went to the julie taymor exhibit... and it was sooooo freaking cool, julie taymor is a goddess. and i always want to type "taymorE" but that's not her name. alas.

anyway. then we went and picked del up at her hotel... and we drove around awhile, and then ate dinner at greek islands. and this creepy old lady glared at me the whole time. it was scary. and we introduced del to saganaki, aka... uh.. cheese that they set on fire. yeah, it rules. and we kept *nodding* at each other. which only makes sense to like, 5 people. but whatever.

then we went to uncommon ground, where matt and joshua were playing. at 11. and we got there at like, 7:30. but it was all good. there were a ton of rentheads there. and we talked. and the first band that played, secondhand poets, sounded like garth brooks trying to do folk. oh, and i should point out that katie left her game of taboo at my house, so i had it with me to give back to her... and like, after a few songs by the secondhand poets, del took out her notebook and wrote "i have an uncontrollable urge to buzz them with the taboo buzzer!" and we both started laughing hysterically, and we were sitting like, 3 feet away from the band... and then guitarist stared at us. so then we moved back to sit by katie, katie and kelly. yeah. and we got free secondhand poets stickers and temporary tattoos! they're really cool.

and then the next band that played was called martha's trouble, and it was like, this married couple, and they were sooooo cute. the guy played guitar, and the woman, who looked exactly like a pixie, she was soooo cute, she sang and played a drum, and assorted other neat percussiony things, like an empty water bottle filled with rice. anyway. they were really good. kinda like 10,000 maniacs.

then there was like, a gap where we just talked. oh, and skanky, skanky rob was there. i didn't talk to him though. i just glared. katie kept telling me to go over and stab him with my fork. but i restrained myself. and misty, from california, was there. yeah. and a ton of other people from the rentheads boards. i think the people who worked at uncommon ground were really confused as to why so the hell many people were there to see matt and josh, they didn't even have posters or anything up. anyway. they had another gig earlier that night, so they were a little late, and the people at uncommon ground were like, "you muuuust stop playing at exactly midnight!" so matt was playing all his songs like, doubletime. which amused me. let's see, he played... virginia, divide and conquer... sideways... seven seas... some other song. at one point in time he randomly was like "what are you guys writing?! i feel so left out!!" and del and i laughed merrily. and then, joshua broke his guitar. sooo he just used matt's. and matt was crawling all around the floor looking for the peg that fell off joshua's guitar, and i was amused. yeah. and joshua played... drought, rhyme, i'm sorry, swimming... and another song that he wrote, like, as roger... during rent... and it was really cool. but i forget the name. it's just like.. one more reason joshua is my faaaaavorite roger ever! woot! i was really amused that when he played swimming, he grabbed a copy of his cd, above and beneath, and was like "yeah, this is my new cd... called above and beneath... and the title is from this song, i like it a lot." then he just threw the cd over his shoulder... and we all started laughing... and at first i don't think he realized why, and then he was like "yeah, i really like it... that's why i just throooow it to the ground!" and it was just... really amusing then. yeah. ooooh, and those of you who rushed in chicago... a certain skanky girl made an appearance at the gig. but, i didn't talk to her either. i caught her glaring at me a few times. i was like, whatever. aaand... um.. yeah. katie and katie and kelly and del and i all had our saaaad partings... but we're all going to see the joannes in peoria. oh! and justin johnston, aka paul with the closing bennies, was randomly at the gig. i meant to take a picture for you, chelle, but... yeah, i got distracted and then he left. so whatever. and, dana dawson is joining the broadway cast as a swing. i looooove dana! yay!!! oh, and katie gave me this adorable cow-duck. it's the cutest thing ever. i love you katie!!

well, that's about all... my first, and probably last matt&joshua gig kicked ass!


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Thursday, August 23, 2001

listening to: mst3k, bouncy upbeat song (courtesy kait!! we love you kait!)

i haven't talked to megan in like, 3 days. i hope she didn't fall into a well or something. *is worried*

rob wrote "skink" on my arm in norse. i am amused by it. *is amused* yeah. and i looove my ap us history class (henceforth apush.) like.. yeah, i have tons of homework, but today we just had a discussion about primary and secondary sources the whole time, and it was sooo nice. it is so great to have an intelligent debate. yeah.

and, i'm sooo proud of myself because i finished all my homework by like, 8:30, as opposed to putting it off until way late. go me! matt and joshua's chicago gig is saturday! yay! i can't wait! and, i think i'm going to bed really early tonight... because i'm tired. yeah.


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Tuesday, August 21, 2001

listening to: tori amos, leather

eeeeh. sooo, yeah, the first day of school was ish. it was only till 11. i discovered that i have my first 5 classes, plus lunch, with elizabeth. woot. and assorted other people are in all my classes. which is good. because, it's sooo boring when you're your only friend in a class. um, yeah. so anyway. we all got food from avanti's and went to eat it at fairview park... but it was really windy... the funniest thing i've seen in a looong time is the look on trina's face when the ranch dressing blew on her... oooooh my god... beyond description. actually, it was even funnier when jenny went to throw it away... and if blew back OUT of the trash can and got on her... or maaaybe it was even funnier when all of a sudden molly was like "AHH! there's a BUG on me! look how BIG it is! *vigorous stomping; innocent smile* it's dead now! *pause* EW! there's a LEG on me!" good times. and then... i got the us studies workbook that apparently i was supposed to have gotten over the summer... and did a couple really, really boring chapters... then i got my work id for ushering... and the girl at the desk was blonde and named megan, and she amused me. like, first she knocked over this giant stack of clipboards, and was like "oh.. darn! i do that all the time!" and then she was like, "i have to call the house manager to check on this." and then sommer, the house manager, who was standing next to me, was like "i'm the house manager." and she was like, "well, i still have to call... *looks for number and reads it off" "that's not even the right number... and if you DID call the house manager, no one would answer, because i'm right here..." "well, i have to call central hiring to double check." "central hiring doesn't HIRE the ushers! i do! i interviewed her!" "*long pause* ooooooh... sorry!" i was amused. and then, the stupid guy spelled my name wrong on my id. but then, i got a new one.. and yeah. this was all much funnier in my head. and i'm going to sleep now... i woke up like, 5 times last night so now i'm exhausted. yowl.


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Monday, August 20, 2001

listening to: melissa ferrick, crack the mirror

grumble... less than 12 hours from now i'll be in school. i have a humorously large stack of books. *pause* it'd be a lot funnier if someone else had to carry them, though.

i have pretty, sparkly purple nail polish. woooo wal-mart! yeah. i'm really bored. i have nothing to say, nothing to do, and i should go to bed soon. ew. because i have to get up at 6 am. ew. and i'm hungry and don't feel like going downstairs to get food. and, my throat is starting to hurt. and, i wish megan would get online. *whines* ooh, i got the stuff i ordered from the mst3k catalogue today. i have these really cute servo post-it notes that say "i'm huge!" and a servo magnet. and my mom started ranting about how much better crow is. i was sad. my own mother! hmph. i think we all know that servo is by far the superior bot. and if you don't know that... i'll poke your eyes out with.. *rummages* this pen! ha! *cackles insanely* yeah. so anyway. i'm done rambling. for now.


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listening to: tori amos, precious things

siiiiiigh... tomorrow is my last free day before school starts. but... i'm not gonna dwell on that. nooope.

i was all excited today because i was wearing my blue camo tank top, and my blue camo belt... so it matched! but then i got really cold and put a sweatshirt on, so you couldn't see the belt or the shirt. oh well. yeah. so trina and i went to go see rush hour 2, and it is quite possibly the worst movie i've ever seen. *frumble* but trina wanted to see planet of the apes, and i wanted to see rat race, so we compromised with a movie neither of us wanted to see. whatever.

theen.. we went back to trina's house... and we watched this movie on the disney channel with the lawrence brothers in it. well, we flipped back and forth for awhile between that, and starship troopers. but sadly the lawrence brothers movie won out. there were pirates and emus! hoooow can you go wrong? yeah, good times. oh, and there was this scene where one lawrence brother found a lobster and was like, "i found a lobster!" buuuut we thought he said, "i MADE a lobster!" and we were amused. and kept talking about "manmade lobsters" the whole time. becuase we're dorks. yeah.


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Saturday, August 18, 2001

listening to: ani d, light of some kind

yeah.. so i'm really tired and bored. and having a hella amusing conversation with megan. but part of it i can't mention here in case the person we're talking about reads this... anyway... yeah, i woke up at like 4 am. i was having this dream about magneto. and megan and i have this joke that goes "magneto composes shelves." that's the whole thing. no... it's not that funny... but... apparently at some point in time we thought it was...but sadly there were no shelves in my dream. damn you magneto! ummm yeah... *sob* i'm tired. and this song sort of annoys me. *hits next* ah, not a pretty girl, very non-annoying. possibly the anti-shelf. *giggles* um, right, i'm just gonna publish this and goooo.... oh! and kait, thanks for the blogmention! kait is the coolest person ever! *bakes muffins for Kait* heeey look, i just capitalized her name! woooow! millions of muffins, muffins for kait! millions of muffins, muffins for free... oooooh my god i'm tired....


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listening to: ani d, the million you never made

so mst3k is on at 9 now?! *flails* i hate you sci-fi channel!

and yeah... my stupid isp randomly stopped working yesterday... which is when i realized that i have like, nothing else to do with my time (my mom had the car... so... yeah...) so i re-watched the star wars trilogy... i noticed that the beginning of "every story is a love story" reminds me a lot of those random horn parts that are like, luke's theme or whatever. as a side note, i would just like to say that whoever plays that horn kicks ass. i used to play french horn (badly) and like... my teacher would always try to get me to play that part... um yeah, it's hard. so... um.. my nails are shiny and pink! *tosses hair*

i was gonna go see the sneak preview of jay and silent bob strike back tonight, but noooooooo, trina had to... i don't even know what trina had to do, she just said she was busy until sunday. glare. soooo i'm at home! posting in my damn blog! i hate all of you!


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Thursday, August 16, 2001

listening to: rachael sage, big star

i looove this song... it's a classic rachael "sounds like a bouncy upbeat song but is actually terribly depressing and kind of weird, and with random really damn high notes" song. yeah, it rules. woot!

anyway... school starts again tuesday. *sob sob* and yet, i'm almost... a little... looking forward to it... but... 6am.. ungh...*flails*

yeah. school should really start at 10am or so. it'd be so much better for everyone. but noooo. anyway. there's lots of really entertaining drama going on at the rentheads boards, good times, good times. newbies these days, hmph. so yeah, where was i? hmm. OH! my mom randomly got like, a more expensive satelite package, so now we get this channel called noggin, and they show bill nye the science guy! i looooooove bill nye! my friend dan and i met him, and we made him say "vote for dan" into my tape recorder so we could use it for dan's thespian vice president campaign. it really, really, really confused poor bill nye (and his random bodyguard/handler) but it amused the fuck out of dan and i. i still have that tape... good times. but yeah, bill nye the science guy is such a funny show. and so is the phred on your head show... and ghostwriter is really stupid, yet funny, so sometimes i watch that too. *sigh* i'm such a loser. i seem way more pathetic when i try to write down the highlights of my day and it accounts to morons on the rent boards and bill nye the science guy.


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Wednesday, August 15, 2001

listening to: tori amos, blue skies (coolest damn song ever)

wooooot, i got hired at braden! *celebrates*

okay, that's all.


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Tuesday, August 14, 2001

listening to: tori amos, losing my religion

i don't really like her version of this, but whatever. i'm gonna see tori in st. louis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! october 27th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


in case you couldn't tell, i'm happy about this :) and her new album comes out september 18th! i can't wait! i... oh, now i'm listening to rockapella... well, this is no good for being in a tori-love mood... *changes winamp back* anyway. as i was saying... yay!

i interviewed to be an usher today... yeah. woooot. i hope i get it, that would totally be the best job ever, getting paid to watch shows? hello... anyway. yeah, but i think a bunch of morons have been applying or something because they were sooooo excited when i said i had ushering experience. yeah, the 2 house managers that interviewed me seemed really nice.. so.. yeah. everyone cross your fingers for me!

megan gets back tomorrow! or maybe it's day after. *thinks* no, tomorrow, i'm pretty sure. yay! aaaanyway, that's about all.


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Monday, August 13, 2001

listening to: y kant tori read, pirates

i love this song, and i'm always like "yeah, i'm listening to pirates! *pause* um, the song, not that i'm actually listening to pirates... uh, yeah..." ... piiiirates yeah!

so i'm thinking i've been listening to way too much ani lately, if when people say "how are you?" my first reaction is "i think you're the least fucked up person i've ever met/and that may be as close to the real thing as i'm ever gonna get, ever gonna get, yeah." hmm. oh well.

anyway. i bought my books for school today, they're hella heavy. and i have 4 of of them for ap us. *glower* but i ran into elmo, and we went to return his videos and got horribly lost. (it was elmo's fault.. "is this the right family video?" "yeah! yeah... wait, no.. no, this is on the wrong side of town!" "*sigh*") anyway... then we went wal-marting. woooot. then we tried to go to the mcdonalds in wal-mart, but it was closed. then we tried to go to the mcdonalds in the gas station across the street, and it was closed too. then we went to another mcdonalds, and it was open! yay! then i took elmo home... and then i took myself home... and wow, here i am!


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listening to: anthony rapp, seasons of love (live)

so yeah, i just went for a hella long bike ride. the whole time i was afraid the stupid cheap bike would fall apart, but fortunately, it didn't.

i just drew a smiley face on my toe. "hello toe!" "hello foot!" anyway...

yeah, so i was playing where in time is carmen sandiego? today. good stuff. i couldn't get usa? to work, which saddens me, because it is by far the superior game. and i couldn't even FIND world? which is perhaps even better than usa? but still, time? is far better than that word detective crap. *scoff* word detective, my ass. anyway, if you lose a case, and then you quit, the chief says "well, okay, but you'd better use your time off to sharpen your detective skills." when i was little, that used to make me feel soooo inadequate. like carmen sandiego was going to take over the world and it would all be MY FUCKING FAULT, how's THAT for guilt? lousy game. *long pause* anyway.


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listening to: ani d, roll with it

leeeemony snicket! i am your father!


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Sunday, August 12, 2001

listening to: moulin rouge, spectacular spectacular

dude, i just found the disk for where in the usa is carmen sandiego. i'm totally gonna go play it. that is, if this computer will support it...i mean, it's ONLY 12 years old, it SHOULD be fine...


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listening to: monty python, the lumberjack song

this song always reminds me of my friend jenny (aka lumberjenny) but that's another story.

anyway... today was a totally uneventful day. but yesterday i went to trina's house and we watched batman forever. and we turned off batman forever in the middle to go make popcorn, and batman and robin was on tbs. b&r being a far cooler movie (cooler, get it, it has mr. freeze? ah, nevermind) we watched the rest of that. good times. okay, we're total losers. still, goodtimes. and trina gave me this random free copy of carmen sandiego that came in cereal since i was ranting about carmen sandiego.

so i was playing it today, and like... it's WORD detective, i thought it said WORLD detective. obviously i am a poor word detective. *hangs head* i should turn in my badge now. actually, i should get a badge first. anyway. yeah, this one has nice animation and stuff. and that's sooo wrong. it brings back memories of my childhood, playing where in the usa is carmen sandiego? back in the days when games fit on floppy disks. yes, entire games on ONE floppy! and it was a huuuuge deal when the stupid little police truck drove by, like that was fricking state of the art animation. and the internet, my friends, the internet did not exist for civilians. yet i was still a computer geek. okay, i totally got distracted on my rant. anyway. i totally need to get my hands on a copy of where in the (someplace) is carmen sandiego, none of this word detective crap. though i must admit it's a pretty addictive game. *glower* not as good as the real thing though.


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Saturday, August 11, 2001

listening to: brenda kahn, christopher says

*whine* megan left for coloradooooo! she'd better get online in colorado, or... i'll be sad. yeah. *looks menacing*

and! apparently mst3k is on at 8 now, instead of the far cooler time of 9!! so i missed a full half hour (isn't that an oxymoron?)! *shakes head* what the fuck is this world coming to? *sigh* i'm booored and i wanna dooo something but i have like, no money... *glower* maybe i'll go drop off these job applications. or maybe i'll sit here and do nothing all day. hmm.


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Friday, August 10, 2001

listening to: mst3k, canada song

i baked a potato. it was good.

then i watched x-men the movie and was just as amused by it the first time i saw it. wooot! and can i just say that not even weird pointy wolverine hair can prevent hugh jackman from being hot? and toad is soooo cool in the movie. he needs to be cool like that all the time. and he totally reminds me of bart. and bart is really, really hot. (bart, if you're reading this... you're hot! anyway...) yeah. actually, i guess ray park is hotter than toad... since he's not really green.. and really long tongue-having... and... yeah. and he has a scottish accent. woot. *stalks ray park* yeah... hey, mst3k is on tomorrow! yay! *parties* my god, i'm a geek. hmm. well, the godzilla geneology bop will cheer me up! . . .


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listening to: s club 7, bring it all back

*frowl* i just went to ride my bike... and i went a little way, and i heard a weird "thwapping" noise, which turned out to be the tire falling apart at a rather rapid pace... so i slowly went back... and was going to ride a different bike... but out of the 3 other bikes we have, one had a flat tire, one has no seat, and one is meant for people like, a foot shorter than me. so... here i am again... grumble...


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listening to: lion king (broadway), i just can't wait to be king

i looove this song... anyway...

i was just downstairs copying a tape and i saw a paper plate on top of the vcr with "plot to kill hitler" written in my dad's handwriting on it. i wonder if i should tell him that hitler is already dead...

there was something really funny and clever i wanted to say in my blog, so that everyone would think i was a funny and clever person. sadly, i don't remember what i was going to say at all. so you'll all just have to go on thinking i'm a moron. damn. dammit, winamp just crashed. i hate winamp. actually, i love winamp... but i hate it when it crashes... which is all the damn time. *frowl* i'm gonna... go... do something... or something...


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Thursday, August 09, 2001

listening to: ani d, shy

woot, last night a bunch of us went school supply shopping together! i knooow i'm a dork, but i loooove buying school supplies. i got these scented erasers... the grape one is really gross, but the watermelon one is really good. and, i got some glittery pens, and a couple harry potter notebooks that are really cool. and some other boring stuff, but who cares about that?

theen, we all kinda went to tj (my friend's boyfriend)'s soccer game... but we didn't really pay attention at all. and it was really confusing because one team had uniforms, but the other was apparently just wearing random clothes.... yeah. soccer is confusing. then we all went to elizabeth's house and watched the lion king and played twister... and frightened tj by being able to sing along with all the songs... and her dog tried to eat me.. but then it abandoned me and tried to poke amanda's eyes out. (really! he jumped up in her face and poked her eyes with his little paws... ay.)

anyway, when i came home from all that i was way too tired to blog, so i went to bed. and woke up this morning because some guy from the post office was calliong because i had to sign something. it overly confused me. then i watched him pull up to our house and attempt to ring the doorbell that doesn't work for awhile before i stumbled down (in my pajamas) to sign whatever it was. and... yeah.. that was pretty much the most purposeful thing i did today. it was a very, very boring day. i rode my bike for a long time and now i'll all gross and sweaty and i'll probably take a shower soon, but there's a really bad storm, and the power was flickering, and i don't want to have the power go out when i'm in the shower. yeah.


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Wednesday, August 08, 2001

listening to: tori amos, raspberry swirl, studio

bwahaha, i have finally triumphed over my cd player! it kept insisting that "from the choirgirl hotel" isn't a cd. but i think we both know that it IS. so, i put it in the e: drive, which is the cd-rw drive and therefore won't actually play cds. but, the cd player recognized that e: had a valid cd, even though it wouldn't play it. so, i took it out and put it back in the d: drive. since the d: drive apparently feels the need to constantly show up the poor e: drive, it played it! yay! ... okay, i was excited. leave me alone. i'm going to go register for school and then, buy school supplies! yay! *cough*


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listening to: tori amos, raspberry swirl, live (coolest thing ever)

hmm... in my last entry i claimed i was listening to "smashing the serene." but that's not a song, that's just the name of the cd. i wonder what song i meant. maybe "my eliza" since that's what song has the sts lyric... but... i dunno. go listen to rachael. just because. you'll feel better about yourself.

anyway, before i got sidetracked into a rachael rant (tm) i was going to whine about my computer... the cd player won't acknowledge "from the choirgirl hotel" as a cd *sob* and i really wanted to listen to it! i have live mp3s of most of the songs on it... but i wanted to listen to the studio ones. *sob* and winamp keeps crashing every 5 minutes. *glare* i sense some sort of conspiracy to keep me from listening to good music, especially since lately my discman has been skipping like crazy. and now, i'd like to share a conversation i had with megan earlier today...

renata: *frowl* come back from being away!
Auto response from megan: watching tv, but if you im me, i'll come back and talk to you. though, if it's after 2:30, i won't, because caroline in the city is on then.
renata: *hissle*
renata: *proceeds to glower at megan*
megan: *is back*
[skip a lot]
megan: *returns during commercial*
renata: woot
renata: *was just about to go et more water*
megan: well, fine then *grumbles*
renata: well, you suck! *cough*
megan: *runs back to tv*
renata: *tv hisses at megan*
renata: *renata laughes merrily*
renata: ui just noticed that i put that i was listening to smashing the serene in my blog
Auto response from megan: watching caroline in the city! *hisses at renata*
renata: but... sts isn't a song
renata: *frowls* hey! *gets in bitchfight with megan's away message*
megan: *is back to listen to anthony right quick*
Auto response from renata: my away message could totally beat up megan's away message
megan: *hissss*
renata: *snicket*
renata: *yawn*
Auto response from megan: *slaps renata's away message and runs off* bwahahahaaa
renata: now, that was uncalled for!
megan: *commercial break*
Auto response from renata: my away message is currently launching a massive air offensive on megan's away message.
renata: hehe
megan: *GASP*
renata: mwahahhaa
renata: *is vaguely looking at the new rent site*
renata: they stopped making the black bucket hats! *gasp*
Auto response from megan: *moves troops underground and sends tanks and anti aircraft devices after renata's away message*
renata: *clutches her black bucket hat*
megan: NO!
megan: *didn't really like those anyway...*
Auto response from renata: *renata's away message teams up with her black bucket hat and sends those really big expensive missiles at megan's away message*
megan: but still!
renata: yeah... but now they're gray
renata: and... yeah
renata: it's the principle of the thing.

and yes, i edited out our screenames because i hate being imed by random annoying strangers... not to imply that you personally are an annoying stranger... just in general. yeah. so... whatever.


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Tuesday, August 07, 2001

listening to: rachael sage, smashing the serene

rachael sage is so freaking cool.

anyway. i was pleasantly whiling away my summer days in one of my favorite ways, namely, sleeping. the phone rang, and i glared at it for awhile, but decided to answer it in case it was isu calling me back about my usher application. unfortunately, it was my mom's friend, calling to inform me that jonathan larson's family was on the view, talking about tick tick boom. i knooooow she meant well... but like, 3 separate people had already told me one way or another, and i had decided that it was totally not worth getting out of bed to see. ah... ok... i really have no reason for posting this, other than i am now awake and this will occupy 5 minutes or so. whee!


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Monday, August 06, 2001

listening to: ani d, worthy

how come i'm always listening to ani when i blog? *considers* oh well. uh... what was i talking about? oh, right, i went to the orthodontists today, and i got lost, because i always get lost on hte way to the orthodontists. well, not lost, but i always miss where i have to turn, so i have to turn at the next place and do sort of a u-turn... you'd think i'd learn, but apparently i haven't yet. dammit all. anyway, i met elmo there, and apparently, like.. rubber bands (for your teeth) are sorted by animals. mine are mountain gorilla and elmo's are galapogos tortoises. (no, really. i swear to god i'm not making this up.) ha ha, my teeth are protected by the mighty gorilla! *roars*

so then elmo and i drove around, and we went to wal-mart and played with the toys... they don't make real my little ponies any more, but they have these terrible knockoffs called "happy pony land." they reaaaaaaaaaally amused me. elmo and i are gonna take over france and re-name it happy pony land. it'll be great. anyway, we spent like an hour wandering around, and i ended up buying a bottle of nail polish remover, and elmo bought a ring pop. oh, and the nail polish remover was sooo cool. i was standing in the aisle debating what kind to buy "hrmmm... nourishing, strengthening, vitamin e... raspberry scented!!!!. so of course i got the raspberry. it's soooo cool. i didn't know they made scented nail polish remover.

theeen we went to paneras and thought of megan, and drank refreshing coffee beverages and ate a cobblestone, which i got just to see what it was. (it's like, a cinnamon roll, but like, not. i must ask megan for more details. megan says: a cobblestone is made from the same dough as the cinnamon raisin bread, only the dough's cut into little strips, and it's backed in a muffin pan :) we love you megan! thank you for spreading your knowledge!) then, we drove around, i got vaguely lost, but not really. and we went to the mall and i picked up a few job applications. (sam goody, barnes and noble, and b.dalton.) the ones for the bookstores are both really damn confusing. it's like, "list 3 non-related people who you have known for a long period of time." then under that, "dates of employment, reason for leaving.." like wtf? *sigh* and then, we attempted to get back from the mall to elmo's house, but he gave me bad directions, and i'm a bad driver, and i ended up crossing like, 3 lanes of traffic at once and people honked at me and i felt really bad. and then i couldn't even make a left turn anyway. and then, i fiiiinally got to elmo's house and dropped him off, and his mom was staring at me when i was backing up, and it took me like, 5 times to get out. i just know she was thinking "i let my son drive around with her?!?" ooooh well. i hope i get hired at at least one of those places. especially barnes and noble. i would looooove to work there. but as long as i get paid and don't have to deal with food i'll be happy. yeah. um, anyway... *skitters away*


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listening to: ani d, 32 flavors

comments from the rentheads chat room...
<~renata~> i am too damn stupid to own not a pretty girl
<~renata~> *sob*
<*megan*> even i have that
<~renata~> what the fuck was she thinking, "i'll make my cd upside down just to weed out my moron fans!"
<~renata~> *sob*
<~renata~> i HAVE it, i just always get confused when looking at it
<*megan*> heeehe
<~renata~> also... the font is hard to read.
<~renata~> *nods*
<~renata~> *sob*
< Albert > Hey renata if you are the one with the fabulous site, I love it!
<~renata~> to the teeth, now THAT is a well-designed cd
<*megan*> hey!
<~renata~> i have many fabulous sites *tosses hair*
<*megan*> *feels unloved*
<~renata~> ;)
<*megan*> lol
<~renata~> the curtis site? thanks :)
<*megan*> *pokes renatA*
< Albert > Himegan
<*megan*> i have one!
<*megan*> and half of one!
<*megan*> well
<*megan*> my blog isn't really fab...
<*megan*> but the curtis site
<*megan*> yeah, there's no denying, that's fab
<~renata~> and.. i have time fies.. and... my blog.. which is non-exciting
<~renata~> except the entry i just wrote for megan
<~renata~> which is highly exciting

i'm such a boring person...but i was just highly amused by this conversation. that is all.


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Sunday, August 05, 2001

listening to: ani d, million you never made

okay, this is an exciting blog post just for megan, since apparently my blog is too boring *sob* but i agree, i have a boring, boring life. so, uh... exciting... well, i was walking down the street, and this radioactive spider bit me! suddenly, i had all the proportionate strength and agility of a spider! now i spend all my spare time fighting crime in new york cit-- oh, right, that didn't really happen, i confused myself with spiderman. damn. um, exciting.. okay.. picture me, in monopoly printed shorts that i made in 8th grade home-ec, and an ugly shirt from miller park zoo, jumping around my room screaming the last part to "million you never made.." (the "i might not be able to change the whole fucking world... but i can be the million you never made! i can be the million that you never made! i can be the million that you never made! i can be the million that you never made! I CAN BE THE MILLION THAT YOU NEVER MADE! YOU'RE LOOKING AT THE MILLION THAT YOU NEVER MADE! YEAH, YOU'RE LOOKING AT THE MILLION THAT YOU NEVER MAAAADE!" yeah, picture that. isn't that exciting? actually.. it's more pathetic. damn. um, i'll let you all know if something exciting ever happens to me.


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listening to: anthony, "when doves cry," live!

okay, i'm sooo glad to be back home. my grandparents mean well, but they drive me (and everyone) crazy. they're just soo... anal and nitpicky. and they fight with each other over the stupidest things, like whether or not one lightbulb is brighter than the other lightbulb in the lamp. oy. aaaanyway. we saw blue man group today. i looooooved it. it was so, so, so good. it was hilarious, and the music was great, and some of the parts actually had a vague social message. (the "collage poisson" in particular :) my mom haaaaated it though. she ranted the whole way back about how bad it was and how she would have rather driven around the block over and over for 2 hours than sat through the whole thing. hmph. but don't listen to her. it was amazing. go see it if you have the chance. in fact, go see it right now! go on, now! *shoos you away* oh.. you're still here? well fine. the drive home was vaguely annoying... every single time i was 1 mile above or below the speed limit my mom would point it out to me. joy. buuuut, now i'm home! where i can sleeeeep! and... be online. woot. although.. my grandparents have a cable modem... that is sooo beyond my point. my point, which was... um.. which... my point... um... look over there! a diversion! *scurries away*


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Saturday, August 04, 2001

listening to: nothing... but my anthony boot is rewinding.

okay. anthony. omfg. he was scheduled to go on at 3 pm, and i got there around 2:30 and met up with amy, del, and josh (hi you guys! *waves*) we talk, and then they point out anthony randomly walking backstage. to be completely shallow... the man is hot. he has gotten much hotter since rent/yagmcb. meow. anyway, we stand there pretty close to the stage, and this guy is standing next to us, so we start chatting with him. well, turns out, the guy was ant's dad. he kept trying to tell us stories during the concert, but i couldn't hear him at all. i wish i could have, i bet he had some great stories. he walked out, talked a little about how he's from joliet (really near chicago) and then played "living alive," which was great. then he played a cover of some radiohead song, but i wouldn't know radiohead if i tripped over them, so i don't know what it was. then he played... um... oh, yeah, "just some guy." then he played "when doves cry/losing my religion" and it was soooooo amazing. wow. then... i forget what he played. um... oh, he played "you oughta know" just out of nowhere, omg, omg, i could have died right then. soooo amazing. some other songs i don't remember... and then he ended with this amazing rock version of seasons of love. everyone was just jamming along, it was great. afterwards, he was at a table signing autographs and stuff, and i'm afraid i was a little bit gushy *hangs head* i was like "oh.. i'm such a fan, i'm soooo glad i got to see you, you were soooo amazing..." while he was signing my cd. i mean his cd. i mean... my copy of his cd. then, i was like, "umm.. i have a lot of friends who were dying to come to your concert, but they couldn't make it, so could you sign stuff for them?" and he was like "of course." so... well... i didn't have anything for him to sign, sooooo i grabbed some "women in rock" flyers that were sitting right in front of him (apparently sophie b. hawkins had been using that table earlier) and was like "ah... here." and he looked confused for a second, and then started laughing. so. it was great. then we all wandered around looking for all the free things, and then we just sat down and ate, drank, and talked. we all discussed how tragic pride festivals are ("so many hot, hot, hot, gay boys...") and theeen we went back to my grandparents' house, where i am right now! i was going to go see blessid union tonight... but then i realized i was way too tired. peace out.


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Friday, August 03, 2001

if i were going to be a balding, middle-aged man, i would definitely be colin mochre. that is all.

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listening to: well, the rest of my family is watching taped episodes of the sopranos, so i'm listening to the theme song... um... it's like "i woke up this morning" and those are the only words anyone knows? or maybe i'm just dumb? uh... that song. anyway.

so yeah, today we went downtown and looked at all the theme furniture-- like how they used to have the cows, but now they have furniture. the cows were waaaay cooler. but some of the furniture was pretty neat too. like this couch that looked like a pink disco ball. yeah. then we got lunch at the billy goat tavern, the one that the old SNL skits were based on ("cheeseborger cheeseborger cheeseborger! no pepsi! only coke!" he frightened my grandmother when she attempted to order something other than a cheeseburger.. "you? cheeseburger?" "no... uh... i'd like a ham sandwich?" "*pause* what is wrong with you??" it was hilarious. aaaand... um... that's about it. seeing anthony tomorrow! yay! i'll miss my megan though :( no one will recognize me without her! *sob*


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Thursday, August 02, 2001

listening to: melissa ferrick... ah... i don't know the name of the song and i can't find the cd case... good song though. off valentine heartache.

i couldn't sleep at all last night, i am sooooo tired. and i had to drive up to chicago. and it was pouring and trafficky and constuction-y. bleah. but it's okay, because on saturday i'm seeing anthony rapp and blessid union of souls. for free! *cheers* and sunday my grandma got blue man group tickets! wooooot! um, i don't really have anything else to say. i'm really tired. ta!


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listening to: butthole surfers, pepper

okay, so blogger won't let me visit it *sob* so the ever-fab megan is posting this for me. we love you megan!

anyway. i had to get passport forms at the post office, and i was speeding across town to get there before it closed. very dramatic. and the lady there was kind of a bitch. but it's okay. and then i went to panera, where i thought of megan, and ate a bagel and coffee while reading my spiderman/x-men book. yes, people actually write spiderman/x-men books. and it's about time travel. and it's a trilogy. so yeah, it's really, really, really dumb, but it's good entertainment. the villain has this room of neat stuff, and it was listing all of his neat stuff, and one of it was "a flat pad enscribed 'don't panic'" and i was like "HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY!!!!" i was sooo excited. and he had amelia earheart in a terrarium. i thoroughly enjoyed that villian. except his name is kang. what the hell kind of name is "kang"? sigh.

aaaanyway. the fair. carnies are soooo scary. the carnie at the swings ride reminded me of duane barry on the x-files. i kept expecting him to stuff us into the trunk of his carnie-mobile and zoom off, playing nick cave and the bad seeds. but, he didn't, although the ride was sooooooo scary. like, it was all off and i kept leaning way too forward or waaay too back, i thought i was gonna die. we all did. *pause* okay, it was really scary. leave me alone, you weren't there! oh, you were? well, then you know how scary it was. punk. and then we went to steak n' shake (or, as we all so cleverly call it, shake n' steak.) did you know the first shake n' steak was in normal? it was still here until about a year ago... but now it's a monical's. how sad. how sad indeed. oh, and then we drove back to trina's house, where everyone's car was, and listened to lion king on the way... and we all tried to sing "circle of life" but surprisingly, none of us knows how to do african chants, so we were just mumbling loudly "hmmm a way a na na..." it sounded almost exactly the same though. really.

aaaaanyway, i'm going to chicago until sunday, or maybe monday... and i'm gonna see anthony rapp on saturday and it'll kick ass. i'll try to blog in chicago (at my grandparent's house) but if not... yeah... i know you'll all miss me :)


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Wednesday, August 01, 2001

listening to: ani d, here for now

*yawn* i got like 12 hours of sleep and i'm still exhausted. this does not bode well. i started taking my iron pills and stuff again, i just hope i'm not coming down with mono. because that would suck. hmm... i was just looking at aimster, a napster clone... and it had this page asking for donations that says "Help Support Our Fight To Protect Your Privacy!" in big letters and stuff, and then this thing from amazon.com was there and it said "hi renata [lastname]! click here to donate to..." it seemed very juxtaposed to me. *hides from amazon*

so anyway. i'm like "mom, i'm going to the fair with trina and elizabeth and jenny tonight!" and she's like "while you're in town, drop your brother off, get up your passport, get your glasses adjusted, and pick up your contacts, okay!" and like, everything she asked me to do is on entirely opposite sides of town. i swear she does this to me just because she knows i hate to drive. she's like "if you drive more, you won't hate it so much." okay, whatever. i really think i would have felt some slight decrease in my hatred of driving by now... but apparently i have to drive like 10000 miles or something before i stop hating it. *frowl* did mention i hate driving?! and she's making me drive the goddamn van up to chicago tomorrow morning. i'm listening to my ani mix tape the whole way up just because she doesn't really like ani. well, okay, and because i loooove ani and she'll keep me awake. but i'll pretend to be showing rebellion. grrr.

i realize how stupid and petty i sound here. but i fucking hate to drive and i wanted to rant about it. i think i'm done now. maybe i'll take a nap.


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