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Tuesday, July 31, 2001

listening to: rachael sage, colorized world (demo '95)

i had an entry written, but then ie crashed and i forgot what i was talking about. today is just my anti-productive day where i do nothing except waste time online, watch teevee, and make half-assed attempts to clean. everyone should have anti-productive days.

i'm reading a new star wars book. i, jedi by michael stackpole. okay, it's not *new*, per se, but i'm too cheap to buy any non-harry potter books in hardback. sw books are like, my comfort food. in book form. whenever i feel stressed or bad i buy a new one. *pause* i have a lot of them. like, yesterday i was having issues with driving and getting lost so i went to barnes and noble, got some coffee, bought this book, and promptly took a wrong turn and ended up in some weird dead-end. this town has too goddamn many dead ends. *rants* anyway. sci-fi books are such great escapes. i want to be a jedi *sob* and don't pretend like i'm the only one. i know you all watched star wars and went "i wish i could do that!" okay, enough of this. i'm going to go catch up on the adventures of corran horn. *tosses hair over shoulder and whooshes away*


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listening to: ani d, dilate

OMG, i just figured out why the song is called "dilate"... she says "i see you and i'm so unsatisfied/i see you and i dilate." but i always thought she was saying "i see you and i die a little. *sigh* before you laugh too hard at me, keep in mind that she pronounces "dilate" more like "dialate," with an extra "a" syllable... so it really does sound like "die a little"... and that does make sense... *sigh* okay, i was just so awed by my revelation that i wanted to blog it... that is all...


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"And do you enjoy Kabuki theatre?"
"Actually, I prefer Noh theatre."
"Well, then why did you raise your hand?"
"Because I like Noh theatre. Noh plays are my favorite."
"So you don't like any theatre at all?"
"No, let me explain. Noh theatre is classic Japanese drama. Noh plays have been produced since the 13th century, and Noh actors are revered even today."
"Why are you dissing Japanese theatre? What's your deal?"
"Wait a minute. Noh theatre started in Japan."
"Oh, so now you're telling us Japan doesn't have any theatre whatsoever?"
"They have lots of theatre, including Noh theatre!"
"So they have lots of theatre and they have no theatre?"
"What? No theatre?"
"Noh theatre. N-O-H."
"N-O-H huh? Well there, you've just gone and shown what an idiot you are!"

God, I love MST3K.
"mike, i'm going to grab a stepladder so you can jump up my butt!"

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listening to: nothing, winamp just crashed. stupid winamp. but i was listening to ani's "here for now" live. good stuff.

grrr, i'm having issues with this site. stupid archives. i'll make megan help me when she gets online. *hangs head* i'm supposed to have been cleaning my room, but instead i've been up here working on my stupid blog! *kicks various things* aaanyway, i'm supposed to clean and stuff today because my mom randomly decided the house was too dirty. hey, megan just got online! *goes off to make megan help her with her blog*

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Monday, July 30, 2001

listening to: y kant tori read, fayth (y kant tori read was the band tori amos was in before she went solo... it's cool and 80s and tori... but some of the songs kind of suck... but not fayth)

okay. so you're probably wondering whoooo i am and why i'm bothering to document my thoroughly uninteresting life. well, actually, so am i. i had a blog a long time ago, but i got bored with it and abandoned it. it sucked. but... i don't know.. i figured i'd give it another whack. *whacks* so, we'll see how this goes. i'm renata. i'm anti-teen angst. it just annoys me so i try to be non-angsty. i'm a geek, but i don't mean that in a bad way. i mean, i am a geek... i loooove star wars, mst3k, scholastic bowl, the x-files before it sucked... but i'm rambling now... um, yeah. i'm a junior in high school in normal, illinois. yes, the town is really called normal. i swear. i do a lot of stuff with thespians... i have a pretty boring life... but i'll write about it here anyway. the title "little miss listless" is from an ani difranco song, "swing." ("please mr. dumb blind kind sir/lend little miss listless a little bit of christmas") not only is "little miss listless" really fun to say (try it! come on, all the cool kids are doing it!) but i have a really short attention span.. so i'm listless... uh.. yeah. i'm still messing around with blogger and stuff to see how it works, so... yeah. woot.


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