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hello! this page will tell you some information ABOUT ME. that is why it is called the ABOUT ME page. i hope you did not get confused and think that it contained some information about YOU. it's kind of long, so don't feel obligated to read it all. but i personally love reading other peoples' "about me" sections. it's interesting to see how other people choose to present themselves to the internet-at-large! and the way i choose to present myself is: at length.


i am a 22-year-old (my birthday is 06/21/1985; feel free to send presents) vagabond. i graduated from grinnell college in 2007, with a b.a. in history and english. i have a mom, a dad, a brother, and some kitty cats. also i have a fish named trey. (NOTE: that is a picture of my old fish trey. i have a new fish trey now but he looks just like the old one.)

right now i live in the dominican republic as a peace corps volunteer.

i love kitties
politically, i'm pretty liberal and waffle between passionate involvement and intense disillusionment. i'm also a feminist and a vegetarian, but not one of the angry ones.


i like school! i love american history. my favorite president is abraham lincoln and my favorite war is the aroostook war and my favorite historical figure is probably eleanor roosevelt, but there are a lot of dead people i admire. i also like to play educational software. mainly the carmen sandiego games and oregon trail, but i wouldn't say no to a good game of math blasters once in awhile.

i like reading books! neil gaiman is one of my favorite authors. i have a website for his book american gods. this one time my website got turned into a limited edition book, which i think is kinda cool. other favorite authors include sarah vowell, david sedaris, mark twain, margaret atwood, lemony snicket, kurt vonnegut jr, sherman alexie, dave eggers, david foster wallace, bill bryson, oscar wilde, roald dahl, louise erdrich, and jk rowling.
me in paris

sometimes i also like reading fanfiction. once in awhile i also write some, and when i do i post it here and maybe also here. i like to read and write fanfiction for x-men and the west wing and a few other things.

i like music also! i like tori amos a lot. i'm not one of those crazy tori fans though. okay, actually i kind of am? but there are definitely way crazier tori fans than me. i also like paul simon. a lot. another favorite is stuart davis. a few more: the beatles, rachael sage, ben folds, anne heaton, the indigo girls, regina spektor, neko case, and jill sobule. i've also been known to enjoy the likes of the spice girls, abba, and aqua. (links provided for the more obscure artists. they are all pretty great, you should check them out if you like music.)

television, you ask? yes, sometimes. i love the daily show and its new counterpart the colbert report. the west wing, although season 7 was a bit disappointing. i've recently gotten into house, md and the office (american version). most of the cartoons on adult swim are amazing, as is the simpsons, of course. three more: mystery science theatre 3000, the muppet show and little britain. (that last one is a british show, and it's probably the funniest thing ever in the world. i highly recommend tracking down the dvds.) but of course, i don't actually find time to watch all of these on a regular basis. i also like to watch the history channel!

theatre? well, i like rent a lot, though perhaps not as much as i did in high school. i used to see the show a lot and also megan and i used to run a fairly popular website for curtis cregan, an actor who used to be in rent but is now in the kids teevee show hi-5. but we sort of moved past that and now an awesome lady named cindy runs the site. (curtis is still great, though.) even though i'm not as into rent as i used to be, i still post at compulsive bowlers, a rent message board community. i'm also a mod at rentsecrets, which is the absolute stupidest community i've ever been obsessed with. i like some other musicals too: urinetown, avenue q, tick, tick... BOOM!, hair, cabaret, guys and dolls, et cetera. i do not like andrew lloyd webber.

i don't like serious movies because i have a short attention span for visual media and serious movies are too long and boring. i cry a lot at movies. i cried at an inconvenient truth. i like silly movies included but not limited to: josie and the pussycats, bill & ted's excellent adventure, spice world, and little miss sunshine, along with kevin smith movies, james bond movies, and disney channel original movies. especially high school musical. and high school musical 2. also any movie alan cumming has been in. also star wars. the end.

et cetera
i also like to play scrabble! also i have a livejournal. i never update it, but you can go look at my lj profile if you want. it has an extensive list of my interests and also some little square pictures. you can also be my lj friend if you want. friends are nice! my favorite colors are pink and purple. and brown and grey and black and silver. but usually not all together. my favorite dinosaur is the T-REX RAWWWWWR.

formative experiences

semester in london
yep! fall semester 2005 i spent abroad in london with the grinnell-in-london program (gil). it was a great semester, i loved the city (and the little extra bits of europe i got to see). there are approximately eight thousand pictures from that semester online at my flickr. i had an internship with a publication i like to call "hippie crap news".

i've worked at girl scout camps for three summers working at camp is seriously the best, funnest, most rewarding thing i've ever done, and i've met lots of amazing people through it. and i learned how to weave baskets (poorly) and make lanyards (acceptably) and roll lots of sleeping bags (superbly and efficiently) and how to identify all the stars in the summer sky (not really but i did make up a constellation and teach it to kids; it's called stingy the stingray and it's actually part of sagittarius). i highly recommend it. working at camp that is, not inventing constellations and teaching them to kids. or both, really. ps my camp name is ZELDA.

high school
i went to university high school, aka u-high. my high school experience was much less traumatic than many people's seem to have been! especially most dorks. let's be frank, i'm a dork now and i was a dork in high school, but i had many awesome dorky friends in high school and it was fun. i was a member of our thespian troupe (doing backstage work only!) and our state 3rd place champ nerd bowl (aka scholastic bowl) team. wooo nerd bowl!
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