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Monday, May 08, 2006

listening to: anne heaton, you can't take him away

graaaah, dining services just emailed me to say that the list of p-card numbers i gave them for the history picnic wasn't enough, i need to make an excel spreadsheet with the name and the number. the first time all they said was "a list of p-card numbers". wtf.

oh well, i remain basically cheerful.

i met with professor savarese and he said my 2nd paper is way better than my 1st. probably because now i realize that he is looking for "ambiguity", aka papers that say both your argument and also the opposite of your argument, in case your argument isn't right. also, like, i smiled at something he said and he said "i see you do that all the time in the back of the class, your mouth freezes in that position and theeen you smile," and i was like, what?! it wasn't sketchy at all, although i realize in writing it might kind of sound that way? but it was just weird. especially because mostly when i smile in that class it's at dumb things other people say. also he was like, "can you believe the semester is almost over?" and i was like "YES." because... this semester has gone soo slowly for me. but it probably sounded kind of like, i don't know.

oh god, i am so awkward and 95% of professors are so awkward and EVERYTHING IS AWKWARD.

also, i'm so in love with adium. i'm definitely going to keep using it even if sam keeps crashing. which he hasn't, yet, although that doesn't necessarily mean anything--last week, he went a few days without crashing and then did it twice in an hour. still, it's encouraging! also, since this consolidates my messaging systems, you can also yahoo!message me at teleute5. if you want. (i've had that sn for a long time, but i was always too lazy to sign into y!m. but now... might as well.)

talia: woo, adium twins!

devon: i think adium is basically like trillian for macs. but with a duck. also, omg paul simon on snl, woot! thanks for letting me know, i probably never would have known otherwise.

sarah: i am not sure if eli asked about kerry's thoughts on kittens. it's okay though; as you said, we all know how he feels anyway.

julia: whoa, we should hang out and be moderately interested in nature together! also we could eat rosemary & olive oil triscuits.

joel: oh my god, it took you like 5 more minutes to do 10k than it took me to do 5.

ps: omg, ps and ps are awesome!

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