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Friday, June 10, 2005

this is copy and pasted from my plan! because i'm lazy! but first an all-new introductory header:

in case anyone from camp has found and is reading my archives: hello there! haha, no, of course none of this is about YOU! you, as i've told you so frequently, are an amazing human being with absolutely no personality flaws! any venting i need to do is about one of those other counselors!

anyway, now here's the stuff from my plan:

i have the weekend off! i just showered! it was great! anyway, camp is great, although admittedly i have yet to interact with an actual camper. (this whole week was just staff training.)

anyway, although on the whole, camp is great and so are (almost) all of the other counselors, what would a plan update be without some whining? i will format this in


other counselor 1 (OC1): let's make bugs on a log!
OC2: you mean ants on a log!
renata's inner monologue (IM): DO NOT tell the story about "asian people on a log"!!

OC: what's up?
IM: DO NOT say "my dick! holla!"

OC: i got to see president bush a couple months ago!
OC2: oh wow, i'd love to meet the president!
OC1: yeah, it was a special vip thing for people who have done a lot of work for the party.
IM: DO NOT visibly cringe!

OC: my nephew has a really big head, but it's so adorable:
OC2: awww!
IM: DO NOT mention the fact that tad lincoln was nicknamed tadpole because he had a freakishly big head!

less entertainingly, the good old IM also has to occasionally remind me to say things like "hmm" and "that's too bad" instead of "no seriously, what the hell made you think that i would be interested in that five-minute story about some people i've never met?"

also, one of the saddest conversations i've ever had:
(during a discussion of how awesome the spice girls are)
me: last summer i got to see scary spice in rent!
OC: (blank look)
me: rent, it's a musical. and scary spice was in it on broadway.
OC: no.. who's scary spice?
me: um... a spice girl?
OC: oh... i only knew ginger spice.

seriously, what is that?

also, a hilarious conversation: a couple of the international staff had never had root beer, and we were talking about it, so we all went to wal-mart on our night off and bought a 2-liter bottle and we were drinking it. and tweety, the russian counselor, took one sip, made a face, and said "you drink this for pleasure?!"

it was so great.

ANYWAY. so. camp is good, monday morning i'll start my first actual counseling. (it will be a day camp program called "smart art." i will have to try my hardest not to do any stupid art.)

also seriously, anyone who sends me letters will get my undying love in return!

OOH and now some secret all-new content because i just checked my email:

You are all set with a wonderful internship at Peace News.   Peace News is an anti war publication - it is a bi-monthly magazine with a very active web site.  http://www.peacenews.info/   Check it out.

Interns at Peace News - write for both the magazine and website, do photography (if that is one of your things), edit, sub-edit and even work on layout.   It is very hands on and you will be published with by-line which is unusual to say the least.

Dress is informal.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

that is HOT. did you know that paris hilton copywrited the phrase "that is hot"? haha, well, screw you paris. becuase that internship is HOT.

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