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Saturday, June 04, 2005

listening to: beatles, here comes the sun

hey blogger, way to take 23490234 years to load, i love it when you do that.

man, i'm tired.

anyway, tomorrow afternoon i head off for caaamp! yay! i'm all packed, i think. it simultaneously seems like too much and too little stuff. like... there's a big duffel bag of clothes. and i'm like, wow, that's a lot of clothes. and then i'm like, well, i need 10 days worth of clothes. that's how much 10 days worth of clothes is. and then i ahve this big other bag, and i'm like... wow, that's a big other bag. and then i'm like, well, i need all that stuff. and like half of it is sweatshirts, cuz we're supposed to bring two and two sweatshirts woudn't fit in the other bag. and then i have a gargave bag full of bedding... but again... i need bedding, and that's how much space bedding takes up.

the above might have been the most boring paragraph ever to appear in boron. sorry.

i just took this like 2039423-question which star wars character are you? quiz, but before i started i made a vow not to post my results unless i got r2-d2. and, i didn't get r2-d2.

anyway, today i went garage sale-ing with mike, trina, and ashvin. i spent $1.10 overall. my purchases were:
1 paperback copy of american gods, to be sent to the first person who wants to read the book (or just wants their own copy of it) and leaves a comment indicating such,
1 awesome model x-wing, given to reid,
1 set of presidential trivia cards.

all in all, a good day. and then we ate fooood and played ddr. including the most awesome run of ddr games ever, where we set it to the really hard songs, but then each one of us only had one arrow to do. (i was "down.") we still failed a couple of them, which was sad. i have NO IDEA how only one person could do those songs.

and then, my family and i got thaaaai food and it was good. and then we came back here and played cranium. but first we were playing with one of the kittens, and we didn't weant to put him back outside so we put him on the table and he scampered around. it was the CUTEST EVER. he's the first batch of the new kittens to get a name, too: ronery. we wanted to name him kim jong il (we're all big team america fans) but we decided that was kind of awkward. so, naturally, ronery. and then we all sat around and quoted team america and south park for like 10 minutes. ("herrooo, shitty wok!")

man, we're hilarious. and by "we" i clearly mean "trey parker and matt stone."

anyway, i'm off to bed. sooo tired. i'll probably blog again before i leave, but just in case; i sent a mass email out with my contact info, plus it's in my lj, but if you still don't have it, and you want it, shoot me an email (renata at frowl dot org) and i'll get it to you as soon as i can.

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