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Saturday, June 25, 2005

hi again! thanks for all the comment-lovin'. heart you guys.

anyway. today was a good day. i went out for thai food with my family, and then i went and hung out with a bunch of my homeboys and girls. or homepeople, if you will. and, i made them all run errands with me for like two hours. but, it's my only day off and i had a ton of shit i needed to do. and then we got foood and hung out at mike's house. and it was good, funny, and relaxing. and then i stopped at wal-mart on my way home and got ben&jerry's half-baked ice ceram and sparkly purple nail polish, and after i finish computering i'm going to paint my toenails and eat ice cream and watch a movie (perhaps pocahontas, perhaps not). and then i'm going to get some sleep and go back to camp tomorrow and be a fucking kickass counselor.


a few other things i'd been wanting to blog about:

just to really underscore how really wretched the last few days at camp were... thursday morning, before we found out about pippi, thumper-- one of my best friends at camp-- had a breakdown at about 5am and told us she wasn't just sick with a sinus infection, she actually had lupus and wasn't sure she'd be able to stay at camp all summer. (she's since decided that she's definitely going to stay all summer, and everyone's going to do what they can to help her out when she needs it.) and then thursday night, this little girl fell off a bench at closing campfire and hit her head. so, to make sure she wasn 't concussed, we needed to wake her up every 2 hours. so. uh. yeah.

there were good moments too. my patrol of girls were so, so good. i hearted them. and i told them that i'd tell them my real name at the end of the week, and i did. and then they didn't believe me! i had to show them my driver's license!

and like i said, doing our badgework thursday night was so, so funny. we were just hysterical. to a casual observer i'm sure we must have seemed drunk. sample moments:

me: (looking at the "hiker badge") "two all-day hikes? man, that's... long"
pepper: (laughs hysterically for like 5 minutes)

me (noticing bug on my leg) (jumps up and yells all in one breath) "OH MY GOD IT'S THE BIGGEST BUG EVER"
pepper and thumper: (laugh hystericaly)
me: (halfway across the room, where i had flung the bug, stomping it)
honeybee (walks in room) (gives priceless look of amusement/confusion)

me: "oh my god, look how cute the science sleuth badge is! it's a question mark wearing a sherlock holmes hat! it's like the question mark... wants to find out the answer to itself!"

and so on.

anyway, people are lovely.

(oh ps, in case you haven't figured it out yet, which it seems like you have, weekends are a good time to check my blog. woot.)

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