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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

listening to: tori, bells for her (live)

humanities seeeems like it'll be cool. also, just going by syllabi, it looks like i'm in for an easier semester. (trying not to get my hopes up, though ^_^) like, just 4 3-page papers. although i guess last semester i did have my tutorial, which was supposed to be writing-intensive, and 2 200-level classes, and then crazy insane bio... so... yeah, this semester should be easier. (still very reading-intensive, though. oy.)

interlude: hee, itunes just went to the captain planet theme song, and it juuust played my favorite bit... "you'll PAY for this, captain planet!" yay ^_^

anyway. for the curious (and posterity's sake) i'll give a rundown of the caucus. yay! so, we went to the dean pre-party and ate pizza, and then got a ride over to the grade school, where the caucus was to be held. then, you found your letter and signed off, assuming you were on the list of registered voters. (if you weren't, then you went off to register.) i found it a bit odd that you didn't have to show any id or anything if you were already registered, just say your name and sign off. but i guess they don't get too many people trying to break into the caucuses. (... and if they did, it would probably be an improvement, given the ~10% turnout rate.) so then, we went into the gym to hang out. there were some signs up along the wall, indicating candidates. dean people were in the middle, so we just stood around and talked amongst ourselves for awhile. at 6:30, a guy stood up on a chair to call the caucus to order, and we elected a chairman and secretary. (this was done as follows. "does anyone have a nomination for the chairman of the caucus?" some random people: "don smith!" guy on chair: "okay, don smith!" {he's a prof at grinnell, and a well-known democrat, so... yeah.} guy on chair: "i nominate what's-her-face for secretary!" random people: "second!" guy on chair: "okay, what's-her-face is the secretary!")

and then we all went back to standing around in a slightly more organized fashion. then at 7, the guy got back on the chair and asked for a 5-minute delay, as peopel were still registering. 10 minutes later, he got back up and told the dean people to go down the hall, and the kerry people to go down to the other end of the hall. the other candidate supporters went to various corners of the gym. i, of course, went down to the dean hallway. nick (our precinct capitan) told us to walk single-file into a classroom. as we walked through the door, 2 people were counting us. (we filled two or three classrooms, i think?) then they went off to report the number of people. then they did some fancy mathin' to determine the total number of people, and then to see which groups were viable. (meaning 15% or more of the voters at this precinct.) then someone came back and told us that we were viable, and the caucus was recessing for half an hour, so we could sit around (which we did) or go try to convince all the new voters to be dean people (which we figured was rather futile.)

so theeen we all went back out into the hallway and went back into the classroom, doing the counting thing again. new numbers were reported, and we sat around some more waiting for more mathin'. then, we found out our standing (2nd) and how many delegates we get to send to the county convention (9). we could leave if we wanted to, and most of us did, myself included (because dude, it was late and hot.) but the people who stayed voted for the delegates for each candidate. (who, like the electoral college, aren't obligated to vote for the person they were elected to vote for.)

oh, and if you're wondering about the republicans, they have their own caucus, and they do a straw poll. this year, of course, it's just a formality since bush is unopposed for the nomination.

and that, my friends, is democratic republicanism in action.

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