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Saturday, January 17, 2004

listening to: bnl, what a good boy

la. my tummy is all full of tasty tasty thai food. went dooown to springfield to get it. but it was worth the drive. (priscilla: i was going to very excitedly point out that the last time i was in springfield was with you but then i realized that assorted nerd bowl tournaments and theatre tickets have made that statement patently false. however, the last superawesomecool time i was in springfield was with you! ^_^)

kait: i had a dream about you last night! or rather, i dreamed that the headline of one of the front page stories in our paper somehow involved the phrase "rookie2k" so i clipped it out and mailed it to you. yeah, that was the whole dream.

anyway. the last few days have been fun (although made crappier by cramps and sick-feeling-ness) buuut i think i'm ready to head back to grinnell. speaking of which, this chick at magic kitchen (the awesome thai restaurant) was from grinnell! but she just lived there, she didn't go to the college. still, though. (she saw reid's sweatshirt and got all excited. aww... grinnell people.)

i totally packed like i'm homeless. i put all my clothes in my laundry bag, and then i have 2 canvas sacks, a plastic bag, and a big mesh sack.

oh thank god. blessings got an intelligent review off ffn. thank you, random reviewer, for restoring my faith in humanity at large ^_^ (and it helps that it was positive, even! although some intelligent criticism would have worked, as well. btw, i haven't abandoned the story, in case anyone cares. i've been writing part 4 like... 10 words at a time. my attention span's been worse than usual....)

speaking of attention span.. what? (*grumble* i wish i were joking. focus, please come back, i need you for school!)

oh, priscilla-- did you ever get your christmas gift?

hmm. oh, and here's my final list of books i read over break, just in case you were wondering ^_^

maus (& maus II), art spiegelman
the world and other places, jeannette winterson
chasing dogma, kevin smith
anna in the tropics, nilo cruz
1984, george orwell
black orchid, neil gaiman
monkey, ch'eng-en wu
the color of magic, terry pratchett
the watchmen, alan moore
the dark knight returns, frank miller
the davinci code, dan brown

still in progress: midnight days, neil gaiman, the sandman companion, and the general in his labyrinth, gabriel garcia marquez. (i have like, 30 pages left of this one, and i just don't care enough to finish it. *shrug*)

anyway... sleep, i think. or something.

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