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Sunday, January 25, 2004

listening to avenue q, everyone's a little bit racist

random amusing quotes (stuart edition):

"what tune am i in, he wondered aloud."

"buddhas in bikinis, going all the way"

"all the buddhas in the future will be silver. or gold. they've been gold for thousands of years, though... maybe the past is the future!"

"(to the tune of "footloose") fall awake! everybody fall awake!"

"are you sure you wanna hear wizard? it's gonna fuck you up!"

"to put a bunch of naked people in a burrito you have to relax some social conventions."

"this is really fun cosmopolitan way to be cheated on. i didn't-- i mean, there's-- oh, you'll hear, there's lyrics."

"play sexy messiah!"
"this is sorta sexy messiah, turned upside down and buried."

"you know you look at my body and think: master bluesman."

"... a million dead iraqis causes national pride!... this song is 10 years old."

"spontaneity causes you to forget the lyrics..."

"it's all just because.. that guy is god!"

"it's all just because of canada"

"hey, suck and blow! together we created vortex!"

"i told you kids to quit pissing on kittens!"

"if you don't have any hits, play someone else's!"

"songs are cool, but sometimes you just want tuning. if you wanted songs, you'd go to a hiphop show, or a rock show."

"i'm really gallagher!"

*dies dies dies* okay, first of all, i want to send out a huuuuge thank you to everyone who's ever recommended (or even mentioned vaguely) avenue q... i picked up the obcr sort of randomly at best buy yesterday... so in love. "everyone's a little bit racist" might just be my favorite song from a musical ever.

anyway. my last couple days have been so awesome. friday afternoon my beloved miriam came and picked angela and i up, and then we went back to her dorm in iowa city and sat around for a bit... called talia, and met her to go to the mill. and.. sat around, got some food (mmm, non-dorm food) and saw megan! and devon! hi megan and devon! also some assorted random friends of megan's, and her parents. the stu show was awesome and hilarious and amazing and... here's the setlist:

doppelganger body donor
sugar bullets
little white town
flower of a zero
fall awake (and fall awake footloose style)
nothing in between
anaesthesia necrophilia
(noncore) 8 days in the lotus


dresden (although i mistakenly believed it to be "windmills" for about half of the song. which was weird, because next was...)
windmills and wheatfields
it's all just because (including the "school" verse twice because he forgot)
universe communion
atavistic viking
(as elvis costello, including hat, glasses, and a sharpie gap between his teeth)
beyond belief
watching the detectives
(< /elvis >)
and she was
burning down the house
happy birthday
practice dying
your house

sooo yeah, that was great.

and then saturday, miriam and angela and i hung out around iowa city for awhile. whoa, civilization. and then, back to g-town. (mad, mad love to miriam for coming out to get us and take us back ^_^)

saturday night was a looot of fun... watched some mst3k with julia, gina, and angela, and then julia and i went on a random freezing walk around campus/town with some of the other haines3rdians and honorary haines3rdians. which was fun. also cold. and then we came back and made assorted hot beverages, and played the paper game... where you sit around and write like, "who", and then fold over and pass it, and then "what they were wearing" and fold over and pass, etc. until you get a story... which was much fun. there was one about me ^_^ let me go geeet it.

renata, wearing a neon yellow muumuu on haines 4th, with walt whitman playing tiddly winks, said "that's what SHE said!", because sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.

that's not an especially funny one, but i saved it because it's about me. *nod*

sooo yeah. and then... this morning, ate brunch. came back here. wrote this. yes.

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