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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

listening to: tori, snow cherries from france

so yeah, i'm so in love with this song. and not, as melody would suggest, just because it talks about pirates. (although that is a great line...)

"they look like pirates from here"
boy, i've been one for years
just keeping my head

anyway. feeling lots lots better. have cookies! also, lots of homework to do. i made a list, and decided that i would do 3 things off it tonight. although.. it's really unbalanced, because it has things like.. "revise spanish paper", which i just did in about 3 minutes.. and "write term paper".. which is supposed to be 15 pages. uh. but you know, it's a start.

oh, and i wrote a really smug and self-righteous letter to the editor today. man, it's great, i hope it gets printed. (because.. i just got around to reading last week's s&b, and both the president and vice-president of students for kerry took it upon themselves to write really, really strong anti-dean letters. right. so mine is like... well, i'll just post it. because it's not like my blog isn't political enough, right? right.)

I find it ironic that many have accused Howard Dean's "politics of anger" as being divisive, when it appears that he is actually working to unite people. He has, in fact, united all of the other candidates (and their supporters) against him. In the debates, in their advertising, even in last week's S&B. Why is that? Is it because Dean is just a terrible guy who kills kittens in his backyard and secretly attends Hitler Youth meetings?

Well, no.

It's because the other candidates see Dean as the guy to beat, and if that means taking things out of context or blowing things way out of proportion, that's apparently fine.

I would encourage everyone to do some independent research on the candidates before the caucuses. I'm not going to tell you who to vote for, I just hope that you make an informed decision when you do vote, and beware of hyperbole from any side.

uh. yeah. i swear to god, next time i post it won't be about politics or me feeling sick. it'll be... oh, it'll probably be about tori. or maybe 1602, or possibly homework.

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