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Sunday, November 16, 2003

listening to: tom petty, free falling

random amusing quotes: "have you guys seen the vets center? oh my god, it looks like howard dean threw up all over it."

"this song awesome is! i mean.. whatever."

"you know, i really don't think this ["smooth"] is a very good campaign song."

"oh my god, the edwards blimp is out of control! it's turned on edwards's supporters!"
"and they really can't afford to lose any!"

"you know who else used blimps?! the nazis!"

"hey, it's that guy!"
"wow, that guy!"
"sarah, look, it's that guy!"

oh, man. yesterday did, in fact, rule. had a quick lunch with sarah and gina (well, mine was quick, they had to wait like.. half an hour? for their sandwiches...) then ran over to see kucinich speak. i like the guy, but he's not electable. and there's some... mmm... i don't know. he's kinda weird.

anyway. then we met up with the dean folk, and got our new grinnellians for dean shirts! yay! and then, drove to des moines, where sarah and gina and christine and rebecca and i ended up parking like... really, really far away. (but then when we walked back, it only took like.. half as long. so i think we must have wandered about in a circular way for awhile. not really sure...) and then we went to the deaaaaan rally. which ruled. except melissa etheridge's flight was delayed, a lot, so she was still in arizona or someplace and couldn't come. but that's okay. *nod* and lots of cool dems spoke, and then dean! and it was great. and then we all got into school buses to go to the dinner.. and there were like... a million school buses full of dean supporters. like... we looked ahead of us and there were so many that we thought we were the last one.. and then we looked behind us and it turned out we were pretty much the middle bus. it was so amazing. so we all pulled up to the vets center [des moines's civic center/auditorium dealie] together, and got out, and formed this huge crowd, and we were all chanting (we all got chant sheets, believe it or not, with such brilliant cheers as "i say people, you say powered!" and "we want dean!") and then, dean walked up through everyone into the building, and yeah i definitely got to shake his hand again. w00t. and the gephardt supporters were sort of by us, and they kept trying to drown us out, but there were like 20 of them. so... they sort of failed.

and then in the auditorium... we were all in the balcony, because the lower level was like... really fancy and expensive and such. and it was so, so great. dean supporters were again, a huge, blatant majority. i felt bad for the edwards people, and the gephardt people, oh, and especially the clark people. because.. yeah. although the edwards people did have this really cool blimp. also the kerry people. but we didn't need a blimp, because we had 33% of the seats.

anyway. lots of people spoke, like the governor, and "that guy", the head of the iowa democratic party, who spoke at the mock caucus and was like, "i love college kids! let me buy you all pizza!" [well, not all of us, just like.. 20 of us who stayed lateish.] so we were like, "um, okay." and then he bought us cheeseburgers, and all the vegetarians were like "hey! this isn't pizza!" but i'm not a vegetarian, so i was okay with it. aaanyway.

aand... either the governor or senator harkin left "indivisble" out of the pledge, and everyone got all confused. like, at first i thought i had just gotten off, because i don't say "under god".. but no, it was definitely him.

and.. hillary clinton spoke! yaaaay! <3 her so much. and.. all the candidates, except clark and lieberman, who dropped out of iowa, and sharpton who... is sharpton. yes. dean was great. carol mosley-braun was supergreat too, i dig her. i feel bad for her, like.. i want her to win...but her campaign has like a $3 budget, and she's a black woman, and as a society i just don't think we've evolved enough to have a majority of voters chose her. which sucks hard. *frowl* but anyway.

when dean spoke, it was SO great. we were SO loud. oh, man.

one thing that surpised me (in a good way) is that... since i live, well, on a college campus, and all the media keeps calling dean the candidate of college students, blah blah, the youth... well. let me tell you guys, the majority of dean supporters there were definitely not college students. it was so great. there was this one really old guy wearing this homemade anti-bush button that was really hilarious and i forget what it said. aaand, on the bus we were talking to this guy who was telling us stories about some great rally he went to in 1984, and we were all like. "cool. we were babies/not born yet."

whew. anyway, it was definitely awesome. here's what cnn has to say about it, if you're curious.

... my condolences to any readers who aren't really interested in politics ^_^

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