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Sunday, October 19, 2003

watching: die another day

oh man, if there's anything hotter than bond, it's bond surfing.

actually, he kind of looks like a tool in his wetsuit. nevermind. if there's anything hotter than bond, it's bond... uh... in a tux.. which is... always... except.. for when he's not... um...


glad the new layout is liked ^_^ saturday i kind of like.. i was checking for comments, and i was like, "uh.. if i have to look at dante one more time i think i'll throw something" so i made that. and then i was in a giant hurry to upload it before i had to leave to drop reid off. so, i made a few color changes and whathaveyou. but, i like it. i was going to be all clever and have the "status" buttons and stuff be an image map, and like... "map" would be "boronic" and stuff like that.. but then i realized that would be a little crazy. so, they're just eyecandy.

anyway. yonkers last night was v.g., congrats to all involved. (especially my lesbian pirate lover, m-dawg. oh man, you were so hot as an elderly german jew, i couldn't take it.)

afterwards, reid and i went over to nick's house with nick and eliz, where we played clue, candyland, and the dr. laura board game. (yes, there's a dr. laura board game. and yes, nick owns it.) good times, good times.

awww. poor bond. they shouldn't torture him. because, he's hot. plus this torture scene is just really fucked up. it's like a psychedelic s&m movie. hee, and now it's 14 months after the credits! (*needs to watch final sacrifice. mmmm, mst3k.)

oh. back to what i was talking about. which was... oh, well, back a few paragraphs ago, when i was talking about the layout... i had trouble thinking of clever comment text. which is why, what i have now is kinda lame. so, any suggestions would be appreciated.

i'm huuungry. i wish megan could have stayed in town longer than jsut last night. oh well, at least i got to see her. and, trina and i are going to make ebola shirts tonight! yaaay!

i'm looking for food now.

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