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Monday, October 06, 2003

listening to: tori, cooling

random amusing quotes: "'culture dome' always reminds me of that thing on the ninja turtles."
"the sewer?"
"no.. the dome.. thing. you know, that the bad guys lived in."
"i think we should put that in our experiment."
"what, ninja turtles?"
"we could mutate the ferns!! and then teach them the art of ninja."

sweet deal. finished planning our group experiment for bio. i sense future conflict between myself and the other girl in the group. but for now, stuff is good. i sort of twister her arm into cutting out our other variable, so now we have a fairly simple experiment. huzzahtastic. plus, it only took about 45 minutes to plan. (i thought it would take longer. woot.)

and, my death paper is totally getting whipped into shape. it's pretty good too. not as good as the paper i wanted to write, though. (that one entailed a comparison between aschenbach and mark, as well as between tadzio's physical immaturity and roger's emotional immaturity. but then i figured well, since my first paper was an insane personal-narrative-extended-metaphor-thing, maybe i should reconsider the slashtastic 2nd paper. maybe.)

oh, this is no good. i got all pumped about accomplishing stuff, and now i'm just sitting and talking to my mom and trina, becaus ei think i have free time. but really i don't!! eep! because i need to read 2 chapters for history and an entire book for tutorial and write my intro and discussion for biology! aaaaah!

well, that was good and stress-inducing...

i'll leave you with this.

renata: On Thursday, about $19 billion worth of the bills [new $20 bills] with a new watermark, color, security thread and unframed Andrew Jackson go into distribution. The marketing includes TV ads, a sweepstakes and, in a government first, product placement in TV shows.
renata: okay, explain to me.. why do you need to market MONEY
renata: i mean it's not like there's an alternative
renata: except stealing stuff, i guess
trina: yeah
trina i don't get it
trina: yeah, you know that if they don't market money right, i'm gonna start stealing stuff because i'm not attracted to the money
renata: totally
renata: actually, i think i'm gonna start using euros
renata: their commercials are soo much better
trina: hehehe
renata: like did you see the one where jesus went to the store, and they were like "hey jesus, will that be us dollars or euros?" and jesus was all "dude, totally the euro"
renata: man, that was a good commercial
trina: i haven't heard of any of this marketing at all actually
trina: but it was indeed
renata: i haven't seen any either, i just read that article
trina: i personally like the one with godzilla
trina: because he's an international star

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