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Saturday, October 04, 2003

listening to: sutart (did it again), karma pyre

random amusing quotes: "no, the answer was 'black bodies' but i would have also accepted 'your mom'."

"yeah, where's your god now, st. thomas?!"

"our waiter is god!"

"when he said 'does anything look good tonight', i really wanted to say 'yeah, your mom!'"
"*gasp* you can't say that to god!"

"why has our god has forsaken us!"
"it's because brad is a bad jew!"

"your mom never has to work for wood!"

so... today was a good day. and i think it's only going to get better! at first i was all bitter about nerd bowl, becuase i was like.. 8am?! insanity! but, it was fun. mary and i mocked people. ("josh! do you want to.. something... or do you want to mock people?!" "i want to mock people!") and.. yeah. i met some cool people. awww nerdbowl, i miss it. (cools vs. cares 4ever!) and there was food! real food! pizza hut pizza (as opposed to dining hall pizza. of dooom.) and theeen some of us went to the depot and got even more real food for dinner. mmm. and our waiter was god!! (he was omniscient. he always knew when we wanted stuff!! except for dessert, but we figured that was because brad's a bad jew.) and we made SO many your-mom jokes. and it was funny every time. funny how that works.

piratej: gah!! wednesday is west wing night!! that's just one less hour in which to do.. .everything! gah!

but that's okay, because tonight is pirate night! avast! (it's the pirate-themed party at harris!! haines 3rd is going in costume! and then to bingo! ahoy!)

You're CJ
You're CJ. You're hard as nails on the outside,
and not only for your job. But inside you hurt
just the same as anyone. Lucky you have such
great friends to help you out.

Which Senior Staffer From The West Wing Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

aww cj.

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