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Monday, October 20, 2003

listening to: spaceghost, crazy lovesick fool

hmm. i'm tired. blah. i successfully fought off illness the last few weeks, but i think... i had been like, keeping myself healthy through midterms by sheer willpower, and now my immune system is sitting in the green room, smoking a cigarette and going "excuse me, but what's my motivation?" and i'm like, beating it with a chair and telling it "helllo, i don't want to be sick so that i can go have fun and not be sneezing and needing to sleep all the time" and it's all like "yeah, i need to speak with my agent."

stupid immune system. let's see. yesterday, i watched bond movies. and had dinner with my family. and slept. a lot. like, usually if i'm left alone.. i'll sleep until maybe 10 am or so. so i figured, hey, no problem meeting trina at 11, right? well, i finally wake up this morning, find my watch (my clock's in my dorm)... it's noon. oops. good thing it's trina, who completely understands being 2 hours late. yes. so, we were going to make our ebola shirts, and then we couldn't get her printer to mirror print, so we decided to make them later. then... picked up reid, went to walmart.. came home.. made grilled cheese sammiches and watched west wing. yay west wing.

anyone: what's that font that everyone always uses in livejournal icons? and where can i get it? (c'mon, you totally know the one i mean. kait, it's in my babies icon?)

i can't find my cellphone. *frowl* and i can't call it and find it, because i turned it off. stupid cellphone. so um, if you need to get ahold of me for some reason, don't call my cell.

*sneezes* i'm going to go curl up somewhere. and quite possibly, west wing fanfic will be written.

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