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Saturday, October 25, 2003

listening to: jill sobule, thank misery

okay, before i get aaaany further, i must admonish all you pc-using boronites: for the love of god, why did none of you TELL me i have green scrollbars?! dude! i checked it out on steve's computer today, to see what it looked like on a pc (macs don't get colored scrollbars *frowl*) and DUDE! that was an accident! i used the wrong hex code! they were supposed to be the same tan as the background!

you're all fired.

anyway. uh. trina and i finally watched holes, which i'll sgt. pepper later. but i will say that, dule hill (aka charlie on west wing) is in it... and his character was named sam, and it was a total mindfuck.


so goodtimes there. then, met aman and steve and meg and michelle and megan (sorry for the litany of namedropping in this post, but i feel like people will feel bad if i leave them out ^_^) to watch improv mafia, which was mostly funny. and theen, dinner, then met loads of peopel i adore to go see jill sobule, whom i also adore! *flails a lot*

let's see. i wrote a setlist. which i'm going to type up, mostly for my own future reference, but also for any jill fans out there (aka, talia! ^_^) oh, and i got her new cd: the folk years: 2003-2003 which is great. aaand i got it signed, aaand a picture with her! yaay! <3 jill!

oh! i forgot to say, megan gave me the coooolest vintage house on the rock t-shirt and i heart it more than life itself. *hearts megan*

anyway, let's see if i can decipher the setlist napkin of doom!

resistance song

sunrise, sunset: omg, when she played this... all the fiddler people at the table diiied.

war correspondent: "i wanted to write the perfect song about the war... but instead i wrote this."

*stares* heleos? what? uh... can't read napkin. well, actually, i can read the napkin. it says "heleos". *shrug*

.... okay, i'm an idiot. i typed up the whole rest of the setlist and came back to this... it says
heroes. which happens to be one of my alltime favorite songs. i'm such a re-re. anyway, she added a few new verses... one about the yankees and the cubs, and one about bush and rummy and condi rice (whom she later claimed "i kissed a girl" was written for ^_^)

"fabulous": so, apparently jill is writing songs for a show on nickelodeon? i meant to ask what it was called, but i didn't. anyway, she played the theme song, it's cute. yay!


bitter: i giggled when she talked about how atlantic wanted her to take "bitch" out of this, so she changed it to "cunt". and then 3 months later "bitch" was a #1 hit. yes.

jet pack

underdog victorious

margaret: i was going to request this. but then she played it. woot!

kissed a girl: someone requested this earlier, and she was like "no, that's the money shot.. i have to save that for later"

under the disco ball

kathie lee

good person inside


lucy at the gym

never my love ? didn't know this one.

work it: a missy elliot cover. i love it when she covers random songs.

mexican wrestler

karen by night

big shoes: i requested this! and someone else requested something else at the same time, and she looked over in their direction and was like "yeah, i'll play that!" and i was all sad. but then she started telling this story about her therapist, and her feet, and started playing this.. and i was happy!


houdini's box

all the young dudes: i didn't know this was a david bowie song. i'm so ignorant. le sigh.

when my ship comes in: so different live from the album version. cool both ways, though ^_^

rock me to sleep: heart.

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