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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

sittin' around, waiting for my parents to friggen pack...

you know what that means, kids! [*general confusion*] ... it means, memetime! ganked from priscellie.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlepersons:


1. Choose five to seven characters.
2. They may be from books, movies, comics, TV shows, games, and real life--but no traditional superheroes.
3. They may be from any place in the universe, any time. They do not have to be from the same time/place as the orginal League.
4. You must identify the recruiter, the villain, and the leader, and there must be at least one female.
5. Optional, you may identify their main mode of transportation.


1. lucien, librarian of dreams
strengths: encylopedic knowledge of all the books that were never written; is tall (and his keen organizational skills make him the clear leader here)
weaknesses: kind of cracked up after... well, you know.

2. dana scully, special agent and md.
strengths: medical skills; investigative abilities; general ass-kickingness
weaknesses: will come up with the most unlikely explanations for things to avoid seeing the paranormal

3. sam and max, freelance police
strengths: are hilarious; fight crime; have an awesome desoto
weaknesses: where does max keep that gun?

4. michael moore, filmmaker and political activist
strengths: enormous ego; extreme liberalness; an ability to film people saying things they'll later regret
weaknesses: enormous ego; fairly enormous girth

5. carmen sandiego, master criminal
strengths: master criminal; thorough knowledge of geography; can pull off red trenchcoat and fedora
weaknesses: likes to steal things; has bumbling henchpeople

6. penny, child
strengths: has neat little computer-book thing; good detective; cute as a button
weaknesses: has to keep saving inspector gadget

7. corran horn, member of rogue squadron (last i checked) and jedi
strengths: excellent pilot; the force is with him; mad investigative skillz
weaknesses: prejudiced against han solo

THE RECRUITER: metatron (dogma version)
strengths: sexy british accent; is the voice of god; fiery entrances; can turn baseball bats into fish and other such things
weaknesses: is as anatomically impaired as a ken doll

THE VILLAIN: i had the hardest time deciding this one. gah. but... IT, from a wrinkle in time.

i also really wanted to have strongbad and rosencrantz&guildensternmon.

i think it should be pretty obvious where most of these are from. but just in case: lucien's from sandman; scully's from txf; sam and max are from, well, sam and max; michael moore's from flint, michican; if you don't know who carmen sandiego is, i hate you; penny is from inspector gadget; and corran horn is from lots of star wars novels and comics and such; notably the x-wing series and i, jedi.

and now... goodbye, loves! for real, i swear.

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