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Thursday, July 31, 2003

*sings* don't know how lucky you aaaare, back in the us.. er.. a... (no wait... the us arrrrrr!)

so, yeah. the family collectively decided that we were sick of mexico. (literally and figuratively. well, dad and i at least. reid was only figuratively sick. and my mom could stay in mexico for the rest of her life and be content, but we decided to leave anyway.) so. right now i'm in.. some little town in west texas. van halen? no.. van horn, i think? van something. spent the morning border-shopping in juarez. i like bargaining (sometimes) but i don't like it when they get touchy. ("no thanks, just looking!" "*grabs arm* no! look at THIS! for you, only..." "i saaaaid, no thanks! *pries self free and runs off*") but, it happens. let's see. drove a lot. i've been playing SO much pokemon on this trip. i brought all these books i was going to read, but instead i've clocked in over 30 hours of pokemon. (welll... a couple of those were reid. and we haev spent... lots and lots of hours in the car. but stillll.)

i want priscilla to log on! right now! because, i'll be in dallas in a few days, and i wanna go party down with her. *nod* leeet's see. what entertaining mexican antecdotes can i share with you?

interlude: i rule!

You're The Cheat

You are a very evil person, but lack true ambition. You are a follower instead of a leader. You have many entertaining hobbies, and are probably a real interesting person, but no one can understand you. You'll probably be kicked around your entire life.

Which Homestar Runner Character Am I?

*throws lightswitch rave*

anyway. oh, well, last night we were trying to find a motel in juarez. and we cooouldn't and then finally we found this place that claimed to be a restaurant, bar, and motel. sounded good. so, we tried to find the motel office to check in. didn't see one. so, dad and i went in the bar. (i have the best spanish out of the family, poor as mine is, so i went in case no one spoke english.) but, one guy did, so dad asked him about the rooms. the guy was confused, and was like "oh, just go in any room that's open!" and my dad was like "umm... don't we need a key? and to check in?" and he was like "no." so my dad was like "uh... how much is it?" and he's like "25 pesos.." (that's about $2.50. cheap.) "... an hour..." and then we look around the bar. and notice that the only people in there seem to be a couple scanily clad women and an old guy. so we're like "oh... OH... um.. nevermind." and we leave. but the guy runs out after us and is like "you need a hotel? this.. isn't... um.." "yeaah, we gathered." "oh, good. well..." and then he gave us directions to another hotel. and we got lost, and pulled into another random hotel. which ALSO charged by the hour. but, on the 3rd try we found a v. nice hotel at a reasonable (nightly!) rate.

hmm. oh, and earlier yesterday we stopped in the town of chahaqahacoafjswhatever (it was some unpronouncable indian name) and had lunch at kfc. (because we were all sick of mexican food.) there, i came to the humbling realization that eight years of spanish have not prepared me for the oh-so-daunting task of ordering lunch at a kfc. dear god. (but really... "extra-crispy" doesn't appear anywhere in my dictionary... well, maybe it does. i didn't actually look. but i'd assume it doesn't.)

one last comment: we ate at a restaurant here in van whatever for dinner, and i got chicken strips.. so i asked for barbeque sauce. and the waitress goes "oh, we don't have any barbeque sauce." wtf? this was a texas steakhouse (well, not really a steakhouse.. .but... a restaurant, and they had steak on the menu...) and they didn't have any barbeque sauce? *sigh* these people, i tell you.

so.. that's about it. there's a free computer in the hotel so i might blog later. or, not. i don't really know when i'll be home. we haven't decided yet. definitely within a week though. toodle pip ^_^

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