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Monday, April 28, 2003

listening to: sheryl crow, ordinary morning

random amusing quotes: "renata, i swear you and nathaniel are the same person!"
"um, yeah, except that we're completely different..."

i felt that quote was a good segue for the chief topic of this blog entry: namely, republican babies. see, we were talking today about how all our babies will be complete opposites of us, so steve will have really messy kids, and i'll have really clean ones who like football, and so on... so then we realized that this means we'll all have republican babies. which just won't do. so then we figured, hey, we'll just abandon them all on nathaniel's doorstep! and it amused us greatly to picture nathaniel opening his door, looking down and seeing a baby (it helps to imagine the baby wearing an "i heart george bush" bib), sighing and rolling his eyes, and taking it into the house. um. i think maybe you have to know nathaniel to realize how damn funny this is.. but... oooh my god. *snerks*

uh... babies. right. mmmm.

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