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Friday, April 18, 2003

listening to: grinnell g-tones, seasons of love (acapella)

random amusing quotes: "yeah, i go back home, on the east coast, and my friends will be like, 'why are you going to school in iowa? isn't that the potato state?', and then i stop being friends with them."

"if you're smart enough to get in here, you should be smart enough to stay out of trouble. just don't drink out in the loggia, don't snort crack in front of a professor, and don't try to break into the underground tunnels. ... i've said too much. don't look down!"

mmm this song combines 3 awesome things: rent, grinnell, and acapella music. *swoon* (also i must say that all of the g-tones are rather attractive. but that's neither here nor there. well, really, it's there, i suppose.)

so. list of further reasons why i heart grinnell:

~ t-shirts in the bookshop that say "where the hell is grinnell?" on the front and "who the hell cares?" on the back. (my mom wouldn't let me get one. ~_~ but i do have a new, hell-free t-shirt and hooded sweatshirt, so i'm okay.)
~ random sign, encouraging people to attend a track meet, that read "dirty hobbit sex!"
~ slushie machines in the dining halls! sluuuuushies!
~ the g-tones ^_^
~ dude, kait, "call me al" is on the g-tones cd!
~ the oh-so-adorable atmosphere
~ wifi in most of the buildings!
~ free cookies from the pagan discussion group
~ the valiant efforts of the college republicans ("we have about 12 members. well, we have a couple more, but they're in the closet.")
~ tripod bob's underground cafe
~ mango fandango spritzers from aforementioned underground cafe
~ and the following excerpt from the weekly student paper, the scarlet and black (3 guesses as to what grinnell's colors are!):

rachel nederveld asks: "will there be dinosaurs in the future? obviously not the same old ones, but new futuristic dinosaurs with guns and internet."

there will be dinosaurs in the future, as certainly as there are dinosaurs today- dinosaurs that live in secret pockets underground where the sun never shines and the party never stops. these dinosaurs have managed to feign extinction for tens of thousands of years, but they have not managed to develop guns or internet. when they resurface (only a couple hundre years from now), the dinosaurs will be intent on reclaiming their dominance over the globe; withough guns or internet, though, they will not stand a chance against the hugely complex human civilizations that they will encounter. desperate, the dinosaurs will send one able-bodied young dinosaur back in time (yes, they do develop time machines) on a mission to fin and steal internet from humans. does he succeed? do the dinosaurs win? i prefer to leave this prophecy unfinished. let it serve as a warning: do not give your internet to any dinosaur, no matter what he tells you. even if he tells you that he would only use your internet for good. even if he tells you that he adores your voice, or that he can talk to you about anything. even if he tells you that you're beautiful. even if he tells you that he loves you, baby. trust me, this dinosaur does not want you: he wants internet. it's hard to turn down such an imposing creature, but you must. reward yourself afterwards with a quart of ice ream, because you deserve it-- because you kept internet in the hands of human beings, where it belongs.

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