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Sunday, April 13, 2003

listening to: bnl, a

i love this song this {----------------------------------------------} much. possibly more.

anyway. successfully procured prom dress. was on sale. mom and i thought it was blue. but apparently it's purple. whatever.

parents decided that it would be a good idea for the family to see bringing down the house today. reid and i did not feel this way, but we went anyway. um. yeah. our instincts were definitely on the mark for this one. whoa buddy.

rather than reading a farewell to arms, i think i'm going to do this survey, ganked from kait, that i've been meaning to do. you might want to stop reading if you're not a renthead.

10 Favorite Cast Members (past and present)
ooh.. scott hunt, curtis cregan, jake manabat, joshua kobak, matt caplan, karmine alers... bart kahn (and don't try to tell me he wasn't a cast member.. he's the best roger ever! *giggle*) um.. lessee, 3 more.. karmine alers, dana dawson, and haven burton.

9 Celebrities Who Should Be In RENT and the Characters They Should Play
i'll heartily second kait's ewan mcgregor, except i wanna see him as roger. stuart davis, also as roger. tori as maureen. alan cumming as... um.. well, actually, i can't picture alan being in rent at all, i just feel obligated to mention him. he should play bart, and flail around backstage a lot. a young john lennon as roger, with a young paul as mark. ooooh. um. hugh jackman as roger. (what's up with all the rogers? i don't even like roger that much.) yeah, i'm done.

8 Least Favorite Cast Members:
dominic bogart, pierre bayuga, saycon, the sam (*shudder*), fred jones, umm... just add the sam 3 more times.

7 Favorite Actors Playing Your Favorite Character
mark: scott hunt, curtis cregan, matt caplan, guy oliveri, david cohen... i refuse to allow dominic's name to taint this list. so, i'll just say.. anthony and jim, though i've not seen them.

6 RENT Crossovers You'd Like To See
hmm. rent/txf could be interesting. rent/x-men (mimi kind of already dresses like an x-man). rent/sandman. rent/.. star wars? ("roger.. i am your father." "*sigh* benny, take the bucket off your head, you're drunk, man!") rent/.. hgttg. oh wow, that could be really amusing. and.. rent/mst3k. (actually, that one's been done. but it was effin' hilarious.)

5 Changes You'd Like To See RENT Make
Treat their cast better, stop recycling cast members, listen to the fans about who is good, (agrees with kait on these 3) umm... less skanky tour. and... give cookies to everyone!

4 Favorite Songs
la vie boheme, what you own, rent, and out tonight.

3 Least Favorite Songs
i should tell you, santa fe, and, hmm, you okay honey?

2 Favorite Bootlegs
1/20/01 (curtis and joshua!) video, and audio... prolly 6/18/00 eve.

1 Favorite RENT Performance You've Been To
oh... let's say 6/21/01-- my birthday, full benny cast (with tricia!), with megan and keith. awwww.

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