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Sunday, April 13, 2003

listening to: bnl, alternative girlfriend

um. the shower. wasn't.. that bad. but definitely not the best 2 hours of my life, by any stretch of the imagination. gah.

so then we went over to peoria for prom dress shopping. *frowl* there were a couple i liked. but it was just very frustrating, because apparently people shaped like me aren't allowed to go to prom. like.. you can be as hippy (in the sense of, big hips, not in the sense of tree-hugger) as me, as fat as me, as tall as me... that's all fine, they make dresses for people like that. however, they do not make dresses for people with boobs as big as mine. oh, no they don't. dear lord, that's frustrating. like, someone decided that the ideal shape for these sorts of dresses is like | | on the top, and / \ on the bottom. the bottom part, that's fine with me. but the top? wtf? the top of my body is more like... *looks at keyboard for awhile* well, i suppose more like this: 8. as my mom put it.. "why are all these dresses designed for little boys?"

so yeah. but we did go to hot topic. and i got a button with oscar the grouch on it, and it says "scram!" and i love it. also, the yankee candle store. and honeydew melon was the scent of the month (25% off, yay) so my mom got me some candles ^_^ also, they had some deal thing where if you got.. 18, i think, votives, it was cheap. so we picked some out. and now i have a ton of candles and my room smells sort of overwhelming. (i'm not even burning them, they just smell! and all the different smells are combining, and it's weird! *flail* honeydew melon, and green grass, and clean cotton, and ocean breeze, and mango.. something, and rainbow's end.. all combining into one weird smell. but i kinda like it.)

yeah. and peoria's mall is so poorly designed. like, it's open air, so you have to go outside to go between blocks of stores. and it's really pretty, there's trees and a little brook and all, and yesterday was a beautiful day out. but whoever designed this completely failed to take into account illinois weather. who the hell wants to go to the outdoor mall when it's snowing, or raining, or excessively hot, or just plain crappy out? well, maybe you do, but i don't. *shrug* yeah.

and then i went to go see frida by myself, because no one loves me. *dabs tear* but yeah, it was really really good. i recommend it fully. (i'll sgt. pepper soon.)

woot! *runs off*

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