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Friday, December 20, 2002

listening to: tori, sweet dreams

random amusing quotes: "yeah, every day, he hits me, and then i tell him to go kill himself, and then he says that maybe he will. and then the next day, i tell him i'm glad he hasn't killed himself. and then, he hits me, so i tell him to go kill himself..."
"it's good to have a pattern"

"stop calling me mom! i'm your wife!"

woot, done with school! for twooo weeks! i just got back from getting my hair cut, and i got the bottom half dyed, so it's my natural color again. i'm so sexy now. i need to go out. (i have to go... ooooout tonight!) unfortunately, all my friends are busy. *shakes fist* we were going to see two towers after miriam got off work at 9, but the next showing was 10:45, and trina said that was too late. *frowl* so, i'm sitting here allll alone being deaaad sexy. someone come seduce me.

hmm. after school, matt and trina and miriam and i went to miriam's house, and we tried to invent a card game. but, it sucked. ("okay.. now everyone take a card you don't like... and give it to matt!" "hey! i hate this game!" "fine, keep the card you don't like. but... fives are high!" "i hate fives!" "fine... sevens are high!" "yay!") so, we played bs instead. but then, we got tired of it. ("... ten fives!" "meh")

*thinks* woo, talia gave me a book, and, i forget what it's called, but it looks good! and, a jill sobule live cd! yay! and, jenny gave me a candle. but, now i have to get her something. argh.

hmm. oh, i need to cut this over to notepad, so i can post all my old blogs from when the phone was dead. woo.

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