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Saturday, December 14, 2002

listening to: oar, city on down

random amusing quotes: "stevenata"

"dude, ghandi has bitch tits like whoa!"
"i can't believe you just said that!"

"which one is the quiet one, bill or ted?"
"you're thinking of jay and silent bob, steve. and, silent bob is the quiet one."
"it all makes sense now!"

i wish i could remember more r.a.q.s, but, i can't. ah well.

"i sulphur when you argon".. that's classic. *amused*

anywho. last night we had a bill and ted party at eliz's house, and it was faaaabulous. fabulous! ashvin was a b&t virgin, so he kept getting excessively amused and falling off the couch. i left early though, because of spaz bowl. stupid spaz bowl. *frowl* as a team we didn't too great- well, i think we were like, 6th out of a pretty big tournament. so not that bad. *shrug* whatever. but i got a good number of tossups. more than ryan, so eat it, boy-who-cares! *quietly gloats* aand.. done.

and then, i went to milner, but it was closed, so i had to go to normal public library, but their computers were down, and they threw away their paper card catalogue. (*sob*) so i was like, wandering aimlessly looking for books about napoleon, and then aaron and rob came and helped me. woo. so, we just grabbed all the napoleon books, right, and now that i'm home i realize that one of them is called the murder of napoleon, and it's about-- i think only elizabeth will be fully amused by this-- how napoleon really died from the arsenic in his hair!!! *flails* heroin bob was right!

then, i bought chinese food, and cat food. but, not from the same place. and then i came home, and ate one of those things and fed the other one to the cats. *nod* and, finished watching b&t's bogus journey, because i left in the middle. which reminds me... steve and i were talking about how much death looks like brain guy from mst3k. it's weird.

oooh, and i totally forgot, at the tournament, some kid had a paper hat from long john silver's... but it was a pirate hat!! and it had a skull and crossbones on it, but the crossbones were a fork and knife! martin and i wanted to plunder it. arrr.

it's so cold in my house! i just want to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep. sleep. no! *pokes self* read about napoleon! but... sleep... but... napoleon.. but.... arrr. arrrrrrrrrrr. *self destructs*

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