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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

del: i wanted a lobster
del: because logan said they were dwarf lobstars
del: but they're not.
del: they're the ones that get huge
del: i was going to name it Jesus. *sniff*
renata: lol
del: but now i'll have to name the newt Jesus
renata: it's hard to be del
del: yes. so, so hard.
del: *exaggerated sigh*
renata: i'll write you a haiku
renata: it sucks to be del
life is just so very hard
dark emo angst of doom
del: hee
del: yaaay!
renata: *beatnik snaps*
del: let me think of one
del: mimes are now in bloom
del: they flourish like daffodils
del: and they like Jesus
del: *snap snap snap*
renata: yay del!
renata: oh wait, i just realized emo is two syllables
renata: damn.
renata: um, dark eem angst of doom.
renata: or.. emo angst of doom. take yer pick.
del: definately "emm angst of doom"
renata: emm?
del: or........... eem.......
del: *cough*
renata: but, then it's only 4. sheesh.
del: i left off the dark
renata: yeah. dork.
del: because...... i'm a bit touched.
renata: by.. an angel?
renata: or.. *dramatic pause* an angle?
del: *bites knuckle*
del: yes................
del: an angle.
renata: is it... obtuse?
del: i have only 3 hours to live!
renata: *gasp*
del: i'm afraid so, little billy.
renata: nooooo!
renata: why god why?
del: *music swells*
renata: i wish i knew the rest of that song
renata: but i'll just make it up
renata: why god whyyy... did you only give me one thigh?
renata: were you high?
renata: why god why? will i die?
renata: la la la.. why god whyyyy?
del: lol
renata: *bows*

sidenote: megan and i have the same christmas cards *frowl* but, i bought mine first, because i bought them last year for 50% off. arr! so, if you get cards from both megan and i this year... she copied me ^_~

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