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Sunday, June 23, 2002

listening to: tori, losing my religion

sooo.. okay. my exciting kc story. i had a stupid orthodontist appointment on thursday, and there were random wires that eventually wore these huge open sores into the sides of my cheeks, but thaaat's another story.... so... i left after that... and we went to meet del at exit 23, because that's where her dad said would be a good place to meet... but all they had was this creepy gas station, and an "adult bookstore." (speaking of which... i'd just like to add that missouri has like, 10000000 adult bookstores. i mean seriously [sirius lee] there was one every couple miles. there are so not that many in illinois. are missourians just hornier than illinoisians? or what?) anyway. we got to kansas city without getting lost at allll, which never happens. so... we went to megan's (and our) hotel, which is seriously right across the street from the theatre. so that was nice.

so... megan and i had our "aaaaaaah i haven't seen you in a year!!!!" bonding moment... and megan gave me my birthday presents, and they all ruuuule. the beeest thing was this giant rubber duck with a hat (curtis). (the duck, not the hat. the hat doesn't have a name.)

oh! argh! kait! you do love me! and i entirely had plans to draw a little stick figure kait and carry her around but i totally forgot! *flails about*

anyway.. so we went and got in line at like, 1 am, and slept in this handicapped ramp thing. well, i slept, i was dead tired. megan and del frolicked about. oh, and megan's presents for me.. they were in this hella cool silver trash can, and on the side there was a sign that said "happy birthday of doom!" and del read it, only i thought she said "happy birthday abdul!" and i was like "wtf? who's abdul?" and then this guy john showed up to the line, and we were like "*gasp* hi abdul!" and he was very confused. so confused that he immediately attempted to seduce megan. hee ^_^

i brought 3 packs of birthday hats with me, star wars ones, ppg ones, and spongebob ones... and i distributed them amongst the line. it was great. let's see... i think the next people who came were these 3 really, really, insanely nice guys... boyd and... cody? and... uh.. oh, i feel awful, i can't remember their names! *flail* but anyway.. two of them were teachers and the third was a financial consultant or something? anyway. they were SO nice. everyone in the line was nice. it was like... the best line ever. we all played cranium... and we arranged ourselves into teams, and then the teachers were like "now.. let's all shift down one so we can make new friends!" and we were like "aww... you guys must be such great teachers." so, megan, boyd, and i were team doom. yay team doom! ("rrr.. nelson mandela? what did he ever do?" "he's not a world leader! .. anymore!" "i hate you nelson mandela!!") and.. yeah. it was just SO much fun.

then my mom stopped by the line with my birthday cake... and the entire line, in almost-unison, goes "would you light my cand-lee?" and then we all kind of stopped abruptly and looked embarrassed. it was quality. yeah. by the afternoon.. i felt really tired and sick, so i spent most of my time curled up in the corner of the box office lobby. ah well. it was still like, the best line ever. and we gave boyd and co. the frowl address like, 5 times.. so... you guys had better come visit us ^_^ *waaaaves*

oh, yeah, and ali came somewhere in the middle of that paragraph, i think. yay ali! *waves* and then.. we bought our tickets, and ate dinner at the hotel, which was good. ("mmm... rasp conglomerates!") and then we saw the show... and woooow it was really on. yaaay. and then... right after the show, we all went back to the hotel and slept, on beds for about 6 hours. it was soooo nice. ah.. okay.. i just got horribly distracted for about 2 hours and totally lost my train of thought... so i'm just going to post this for now and finish it up later...

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