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Monday, June 10, 2002

listening to: rachael sage, memory

random amusing quote: "great juggling jesus!"

okay... so... hi, i'm home! first off: *nina*, thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for the rachael sage cd!! it so made my day! *dance*

and how sad is it that the first thing i do when i get home is blog? well actually... first i petted my cats. and then fed them... and then unpacked and did laundry and got the mail... so... it's not the first thing i did at all. but... it's one of the first things. yes.

so okay. like... my mom has always wanted to see the sunset in key west. so we drove down to key west so she could see the stupid sunset. (keep in mind this is like... a 35 hour drive...) but yeah, it was pretty. and stuff. and this old hippy-type guy was playing "here comes the sun" so that was good. *keeps getting terribly distracted* um.. so... some other stuff in florida, none of which was terribly interesting... hmm. and then we went to charleston, south carolina and took this tour which was actually pretty cooool. yay history. and then.. washington dc, we went to the holocaust museum and the smithsonian. goodtimes.

but noooow... the highlight of the trip: new york! yay! wednesday night we saw the full monty, which was very cute and funny, and had catchy music. it was really interesting for me to go into a show totally knowing nothing about it, because that almost never happens. (well, i mean, i knew it was about strippers, but that's it.) it was refreshing.

thursday-day we went to the lower east side tenement museum, which is like, a museum of the history of immigration, sort of. i'm glad i'm not an immigrant, those tenements are tiny >_< (i mean.. i am an immigrant.. in the sense that i'm not a native american.. but.. i mean... you know what i mean.) then we saw cabaret. yay! studio 54 as the kit kat klub was SO cool. we had this "obstructed view" bar-stool side seats, but they were really good. really close, and the only thing we couldn't see was the balcony right over us which like... sally was on it once for about a minute, that was it. speaking of sally, we had an understudy so we didn't get to see jane leeves... which was fine by me, cos it usually pisses me off when they bring in teevee stars for b'way shows. speaking of which: john stamos as the emcee. can we say permanently scarring?? i mean really... uncle jesse's glitter encrusted nipples are just NOT something i needed to see. ever. but honestly he wasn't bad. his german accent kept flickering, and sometimes it morphed into a french accent. but overall he was good. not as over-the-top as i like emceees to be... but hey. oh, and i forgot to mention that the sally understudy was really good. yay. fraulein schneider SUCKED. omb. she sounded like an evil german robot. and she didn't even sing the german part to "married". it was pre-recorded, and she didn't even like.. move her lips. that's not normal, is it? i mean... she's supposed to actually sing... right? bah. anyway. everyone else was good.

interlude: heeey, priscellie redesigned!! i heart it! ^_^

so anyway. friday we... um... what the hell did we do friday morning? *ponders* oh, i think we went to chinatown. anyway, then i met kait back at our hotel! yay kait! (for those of you who don't know: kait is one of the coolest, funniest, nicest, most kait-est people i know. *mwah*) so yeah. we met there.. and then took the terrifying deathtrap elevator back up to our room, where kait actually frightened my mom into thinking some elaborate scheme in which kait and i are clones, separated at, ah, clone-birth. i think it was the fact that we had the exact same socks that did it. so anyway.

then kait and i went downtown to the life cafe [note: this is vastly exciting, because a scene from rent takes place at the life cafe... just in case you didn't know.] and got a wee bit lost, but it's okay, because we got to see a hella cool yellow submarine jukebox. and anyway, we weren't really lost, just misplaced. anyway. and we ate cake there. yay cake!

then.. we realized we needed to leave to be on time for the lotto for rent. and... be quick. unfortunately, the subway was not in a hurry, so we got there too late for lotto. however, in an INSANE stroke of luck, my mom, my dad, and my brother won lotto, so all of us got rush tickets. so cool. so then, in the 2 hours we had before the show started, kait and i went to toys r us and.. well, looked at toys. aaand, i bought a pen. then.. the show. it was more or less full cast, that new swing guy was on as gordon, and d'monroe was randomly there as paul. so, kait was sad about no chad, and i was too, because.. i wanted to see chad. but the new guy (sebastian?) was good. manley was SO funny. not as bad as i'd been led to expect, though. (although kait's manley impression is still one of the funniest things i've ever seen. *giggle*) it was nice to see matt and karmine and mark and maggie and justin again. and a new angel for once. jai was good. yeah. oh, and after the show... these people were randomly jackhammering the street.. and it was SO loud. kait and i kept plotting ways for them to fall down stairs. but, they didn't. we waited, and waited for the cast to come out after notes... stupid notes. talked to some random nice matt-girls who made their own matt shirts.

then walked back to the bus station with kait, and waited for the bus, and said bye *sniff* bye kait!

then.. saturday, we went to coney island because my dad wanted to.. and ate at the moondance diner, and my mom bought me a moondance shirt. wheee. [note: jonathan larson used to work at the moondance diner. and if you don't know who that is, you're really screwed.] and then we saw forbidden broadway which was hilarious. omb. "disney needs.. such elaaaborate sets" *giggle*

then, sunday (yesterday) it was the puerto rican pride parade... so random. but we went to the frick gallery for a little bit, and then we saw urinetown: the musical which was SO FUNNY. god. it was awesome. i can't even describe it.. so funny. it sounds so ridiculous but it was hilarious. "i don't think very many people are going to see this musical, officer lockstock." "why not, little sally? don't you think people like to be told that their way of life is unsustainable?" "that, and the title's awful!" lol. so amused.

um, and then we left, and then we got home. and hi, i'm home. *waaave*

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