I feel I should now preface this by saying that this site has grown a LOT since its humble origins in 2002, which is mostly thanks to the many, many emails I've gotten with corrections/additions/etc. I've tried to give credit in each entry where possible, but sometimes I might have screwed up and left someone off or something. It's also possible that, once in awhile, I take a correction from someone who was themselves mistaken. Like I said on the front page, I'm definitely not an expert, I'm just doing my best :)

Anyway, a lot of research went into this site. A huge source that made my life much easier was the fabulous Encylopedia Mythica. When that fell short, I also found information from the following websites:

The following books were also helpful: And of course:

A lot of information found here was also contributed by visitors to the site, and they're acknowledged by entry. Thanks again, everyone!

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