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name country favorite stu song
1. renata usa jonah
2. Damon usa whichever one I listened to last
3. Devon Whitehead usa nothing in between
4. Zach usa smoke
5. Dave usa nothing in between
6. talia usa anesthesia necrophilia
7. megan usa karma pyre
8. Cameron australia flower of a zero
9. lindsay usa all of them
10. spencer usa smoke
11. kirk danielson usa uncle seth's false gospel
12. lauren bennett usa all of them
13. Thilo Savage usa universe communion
14. paige usa jonah
15. jason usa wizard
16. jackie usa disciple
17. rob usa flower of a zero
18. katie usa dresden
19. mary usa can't possibly choose!
20. brenna usa wizard
21. uwe norway nothing in between
22. james usa anesthesia necrophilia
23. baseem kudsi usa not sure
24. pedro the netherlands voodoo dolls